About SQL Maintenance Suite

Automate SQL Server Maintenance and Operations

SQL Maintenance Suite includes SQL Enteprise Job Manager to monitor and mange agent jobs across multiple SQL Servers, SQL Safe Backup for hands-free backup across your SQL Servers, and SQL Defrag Manager to find and fix SQL fragmentation hot spots fast. SQL Maintenance Suite manages disaster recovery, monitors agent jobs, and defragments indexes for SQL Server.

Idera SQL Maintenance Suite includes the following products:

SQL Enterprise Job Manager

  • Monitor SQL Server agent jobs across the enterprise
  • Easily view job status and details with familiar calendar layout
  • Chain jobs together and build automated workflows
  • Set alerts to be notified of potential issues
  • Web-based architecture simplifies deployment

SQL Safe Backup

  • Save Time & Space - backup faster than native SQL with dynamic compression
  • Reduce Failures - no disruption during network outages
  • Automate - full, differential, and transaction log backups
  • Enterprise Management - scalable, centralized console & repository
  • Instant Restore - immediate access to backup data without waiting for a lengthy restore
  • Web-based dashboard - get at-a-glance views of top issues and alerts

SQL Defrag Manager

  • Automate identification of index fragmentation "hot spots"
  • Schedule index defragmentation jobs
  • Avoid database contention with system resource pre-checks
  • Reduce page splits with index fill factor settings control
  • Centrally manage, report and notify instantly