SQLBackupAndFTP is a SQL Server backup application that runs scheduled backups (full, differential or transaction log) on SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL SQL databases. It can perform file/folder backups, zip and encrypt them and store them on a network, on an FTP server or in the cloud. It removes old backups, and sends e-mail confirmations upon the job's success or failure. It can also backup remote/hosted databases using script backup.

SQLBackupAndFTP Features

  • Schedule SQL Server, MySQL, and PostgreSQL Backups without interrupting database services.
  • Backup unlimited number of databases via "Run Now" button without scheduling.
  • Send backups to FTP, SFTP, FTPS, NAS, local, network folder, OneDrive Personal, Box, Backblaze B2, Yandex.Disk.
  • Send email confirmation on job success or failure.
  • Restore backups in one click with backup chain automatically restored in correct sequence.
  • Backup remote SQL Server Databases.
  • Backup Azure SQL...

Latest News

SQLBackupAndFTP 12.6.13
SQLBackupAndFTP 12.6.13
Improves scheduling and email notification settings.
SQLBackupAndFTP 12.6.9
SQLBackupAndFTP 12.6.9
Adds SSH tunnel options for PostgreSQL (TCP/IP) connections.
SQLBackupAndFTP 12.6.5
SQLBackupAndFTP 12.6.5
Adds support for authenticating via Key File for SFTP.
SQLBackupAndFTP 12.6.3
SQLBackupAndFTP 12.6.3
Adds a default database option for PostgreSQL connections.
SQLBackupAndFTP 12.5.11
SQLBackupAndFTP 12.5.11
Adds the ability to backup to a Google Drive shared folder.
SQLBackupAndFTP 12.5.5
SQLBackupAndFTP 12.5.5
Backup databases with the same name in different jobs at the same time.

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One software license is required per machine. Free 1 year updates entitles you to free updates to new versions for 1 year. New features are added regulary (Without this option only 30 days of updates...

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Compatible Containers
  • SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL Server

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Name Withheld United Kingdom5 star

Easy to configure and works perfectly. Peace of mind that I have off-site encrypted backups.

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