SQLBackupAndFTP Releases

Released: Mar 19, 2020

Updates in 12.3.11


  • Incremented timeout value for uploading to Amazon S3 or S3 compatible destinations.
  • Improved concurrent network folder connections.
  • Improved local file actions for uploading or downloading files from destinations.

Released: Feb 24, 2020

Updates in 12.3.10


  • Added Authorization Region option for Amazon S3 compatible destinations.
  • Added incremented timeout value for uploading to Amazon S3 destinations.
  • Ignore SQL errors during checking "Broken backup chain" for backup job with "Microsoft SQL Server (local)".

Released: Feb 15, 2020

Updates in 12.3.8


  • Broken .zip archive issue when "None" compression level is used.

Released: Feb 12, 2020

Updates in 12.3.7


  • "The job is already running error" suppressed when scheduled jobs run simultaneously.
  • Fixed "The storage class you specified is not valid" error on some configurations when uploading a large file to an Amazon S3 destination.

Released: Feb 10, 2020

Updates in 12.3.6


  • "Missed zlib1.dll file" error for PostgreSQL 11 connections.

Released: Feb 1, 2020

Updates in 12.3.4


  • Improved uploading speed to Azure Blob Storage.


  • Incremented backup verification timeout.
  • "Backup type: Type '' cannot be ." error.
  • Empty error message on incorrect Open Auth confirmation.

Released: Jan 23, 2020

Updates in 12.3.3


  • Added support for S3-compatible storage.
  • Added broken backup chain behavior.
  • Added automatic updates on older Windows systems.
  • Added custom timeout values.

Released: Oct 22, 2018

Updates in 12


  • Adds support for backing up MySQL Server databases.

Released: Jun 25, 2017

Updates in 11


  • New Look and Feel - The main window is now divided into three sections: job list on the left, job execution history with restore on the right and job settings in the center.
  • New backup Destinations - Allows sending backups to Local or Network Folder, FTP server, Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and Azure Storage.
  • Backup Schedule
    • New “Run between” option allows you to specify a period of time when the database(s) will be backed up. This is useful if you want to create frequent...