About SQLyog Ultimate

MySQL manager and admin tool.

SQLyog Ultimate is the most powerful manager, admin and GUI tool for MySQL, combining the features of MySQL Query Browser, Administrator, phpMyAdmin and other MySQL Front Ends and MySQL GUI tools in a single intuitive interface. SQLyog is a fast, easy to use and compact graphical tool for managing your MySQL databases. SQLyog Ultimate was developed for all who use MySQL as their preferred RDBMS. Whether you enjoy the control of handwritten SQL or prefer to work in a visual environment, SQLyog makes it easy for you to get started and provides you with tools to enhance your MySQL experience.

MySQL manager and admin tool
SQLyog Ultimate provides you with powerful means to manage your MySQL databases. It features the simplicity of MySQL Front, with the power of EMS MySQL Admin. SQLyog provides detailed profile information for every SQL statement executed.

Session Restore
SQLyog Ultimate is a powerful MySQL manager that restores your previous session the way you left it. Be it a system crash or accidentally closing your MySQL client.

Schema and Data Sync
Find and fix schema mismatching while syncing data from one database to another. Replicate data periodically to a different server at scheduled intervals.

Compressed backups with scheduling
Find the plethora of options in mysqldump daunting? Just back up with a single click interface in SQLyog MySQL GUI tool.

Autocomplete and SQL formatting
Save hours of typing. Write queries 10x faster. Inherited spaghetti SQL? Make it neat with a click. Improve readability and maintenance of SQL.

Query Builder
Build complex queries using drag-n-drop interface. Visually create SQL statements without the need to remember column names.

Schema Optimizer and Index Analyzer
Determine the optimal column types. Fit more data into memory thereby improving response times. Eliminate Redundant Indexes by improving INSERTs and UPDATEs

Object Browser
The Object browser window gives you complete details of the server you are connected to in a tree format. It allows you to perform different operations on selected objects such as Open Table, Create Table, Alter Table, Manage Indexes, Relationships/Foreign Keys, Backup/Export, Import and more.

SQLyog Ultimate allows easy access to frequently used SQL scripts. The script files can be stored as files from the SQLyog interface or link to an existing file anywhere where windows can access it - on a local drive or a shared network drive. The SQL scripts and the file links can be organized in folder and subfolders.

SQLyog gives you a choice between four different connectivity options. No matter whatever your firewall/proxy/ISP settings are, you should be able to smartly manage your MySQL Server(s). The various connectivity options (in the order of responsiveness and network efficiency) are:

  • Direct connection using MySQL C API: This is by far the fastest way to connect and manage your MySQL server. This is the preferred method if you are not concerned about your MySQL traffic being spoofed. However, this requires direct access to your MySQL server. Most ISPs block the MySQL port or disallow remote access.
  • SSH Tunneling*: Use this option if you need to encrypt the contents of your MySQL traffic, but still want the efficiency of the MySQL C API. If your host supports SSH tunneling, SQLyog can use the tunnel to communicate with MySQL.
  • HTTP Tunneling*: This option saves your day if your ISP/MySQL provider disallows remote access, either by blocking the MySQL port or by giving access to “localhost” only. The response is slow compared to the previous options since the data is XML encoded and HTTP is stateless by nature. However, you can use all the cool features of SQLyog.
  • HTTPS Tunneling*: This option is similar to HTTP Tunneling but adds another layer of security by establishing a secure channel.
  • SSL Encryption*: With this option all communication between SQLyog and the MySQL server is encrypted. The MySQL server must support this option. Not all servers do.

SQLyog Ultimate provides you with powerful means to manage your MySQL databases.

  • Runs on all Windows version from Win XP to Win 8.x (desktop systems) as well as "Windows Server" systems of same generations (Windows Server 2003 and higher).
  • MySQL 5.x compatible
  • Create/Drop/Alter Tables, Stored Procedures, Functions, Views, Triggers and Events.
  • HTTP and SSH Tunneling - smartly manage your MySQL server even if the MySQL port is blocked or remote access to MySQL is disallowed!
  • Protect your data with SSL encryption.
  • Smart AutoComplete.
  • Formats SQL statements.
  • Proactive Query Profiler.
  • Favorite Manager to neatly organize your favorite SQL statements.
  • Very fast retrieval of data.
  • Advanced GUI Query Builder. Supports JOINs, aggregate as well as 'common' functions, sorting (ORDER BY) and filtering (WHERE and HAVING) and ALIAS.
  • SQLyog Import External Data wizard - use the GUI or specify a query.
  • Schema and Data synchronization tools.
  • Powerful compressed Scheduled Backup with email notification.
  • Schedule various jobs.
  • SQL Scheduler and Reporting Tool - execute unattended queries for database maintenance of data verification with flexible email option.
  • Full support for Virtual Columns of both Oracle/MySQL and MariaDB
  • GUI transactions support
  • Transparent LDAP/PAM support for connection to both Oracle/MySQL and MariaDB. No settings are required
  • Update result returned from query - also supports queries with JOINs. No dialogues - just edit!
  • Manage foreign key relationships.
  • Fully InnoDB compliant.
  • Supports MySQL pluggable storage engines architecture.
  • Multi-threaded query execution with option to allow multiple query execution simultaneously.
  • View your results in GRID/TEXT mode.
  • Filter data and resultsets directly form the context menu of a displayed value.
  • Execute (very large) SQL-scripts as batch files.
  • Execute multiple queries returning more than 1000s of rows per resultset. Its very efficient in memory.
  • Very compact binary.
  • Written entirely in C/C++/Win32 APIs using native MySQL C APIs. No wrapper classes used.
  • Connection manager.
  • Tabbed interface to create/alter tables.
  • View and edit advanced table-properties, such as Comment, Key_Length etc.
  • Do table-diagnostics (check, optimize, repair, analyze)
  • Duplicate tables to new table-names.
  • Excel like grid interface to edit data with support for Enum/Set.
  • Create/Drop databases.
  • Manage indexes.
  • Comprehensive user/security manager. Control every available privilege on what level you like (server/database/table/column).
  • Reorder columns of table.
  • Copy database between two MySQL hosts.
  • Drop all tables of a database with a single click.
  • Edit BLOBs in TEXT or GRAPICHS mode. All common (non-proprioritary) graphics format (including 'high-resolution' TIFFs and PNGs) supported.
  • Export table-structure and data into SQL-dumps.
  • Direct export to Microsoft Excel.
  • Export/import data in/from CSV files.
  • Export database schema in HTML.
  • Log all queries for a session.
  • Syntax-highlighting
  • Save resultset in CSV, HTML and XML.
  • Copy your result as CSV to clipboard.
  • Is very keyboard friendly. You can work with 99% features of SQLyog with keyboard.
  • View and kill other user-processes.
  • Flush Host/Logs/Privileges/Tables.
  • Quick access to processlist, status, variables etc.