SysInfo DLL SDK Releases

Released: Jun 19, 2019

Updates in v2.1


  • Major rewrite of graphics card detection, will now prioritise information from Nvidia/AMD APIs when available.
  • Changed the maximum number of CPU groups supported from 4 to 12.
  • Made some changes to skip MSR queries on AMD systems when running Windows 10 Enterprise and Device Guard might be enabled (as the MSR's are not implemented in the Microsoft VM environment that Device Gaurd enables).
  • Made some changes when reading 0xBE SMART attribute for Intel drives, now treated as normal...

Released: Apr 6, 2018

Updates in v2.0


  • Added check for invalid SPD revision.
  • Added some updated code name and socket definitions for new Intel and AMD chips.
  • Added Amazon AWS instances to VM check.
  • Added DPI to monitor information.
  • Added distinction between AMD RX 460 and RX 560 when they share the same device ID (some 560s have a unique device id though).


  • Fixed crash when SMBIOS table is all zeroes. Added check for valid SMB struct size.
  • Fixed Skylake-X SMBus not being accessed correctly.
  • Fixed Intel Skylake-X not...

Released: Sep 6, 2017

Updates in v1.0 (Build 1130)


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing the available compute units for video cards being retrieved which meant not being able to correctly name some models (eg Vega56/64).

Released: Mar 17, 2017

Updates in v1.0 (Build 1123)


  • Added initial support for Intel Kaby Lake CPU.
  • Added workaround to use the standard MSR_IA32_MISC_ENABLE method to disable/enable turbo mode for newer Xeons (Haswell + newer).
  • Added check for system model "Google" when checking if running on virtual machine. Getting MSR data appears to crash on Google Cloud Computing VMs.
  • Added support for Intel Sunrise Point-LP SMBus.
  • Added support for Intel Braswell SMBus.
  • Added support for retrieving RAM SPD data on Intel Skylake-E chipsets.
  • Added...

Released: May 5, 2016

Updates in this release

Updates in v1.0 (1115)

  • Added device info + SMART support for PCIe M.2 NVMe Samsung and Intel drives.
  • Added support for Intel Xeon Broadwell-E CPU.
  • Fixed Intel Burst mode frequency measurement (it should be noted that Burst mode it not the same as Turbo mode).
  • Added support for SLI and Xfire.
  • Fixed an issue where graphics cards with large amounts of memory were being displayed as having 4GB only.
  • Support added for Intel Skylake CPUs.
  • Added support for AMD Radeon R9 Fury X, R9 390X, R9 390, R...

Released: May 15, 2014

Updates in this release

Updates in v1.0 (1063)

  • Added support for enabling SMBus on Intel NM10 chipset.
  • Added support for retrieving SPD data for Supermicro server boards that use an SMBus MUX.
  • Added support for VIA VT8237S chipset.
  • Added support for enabling SMBus on Intel X79 Express Chipset.
  • Fixed incorrect decoding of '# of banks' for fully buffered DDR2 RAM causing the DIMM size to be reported incorrectly.
  • Increased the number of supported memory modules from 16 to 32.
  • Added DDR3 revision 1.3 SPD decoding.
  • AMD CPU...

Released: Oct 9, 2013

Updates in this release

Updates in v1.0 (1041)

  • Added support for Ivy Bridge-E (and possibly Haswell-E) IMC SMBus.
  • Added support for missing AMD/ATI/nVidia SMBus.
  • Added missing Intel LPC's for SMBus enabling.
  • Added support for Intel Haswell-E/Wellsburg chipsets.
  • Fixed a crash during SMART disk info retrieval.
  • Temperature monitoring and additional CPU information for Intel. Silvermont/ Bay Trail and Ivy Bridge-EP (e.g. i7-4930K).
  • Fixed incorrect decoding of Refresh Rate in Extended Temperature Range for DDR3 RAM.
  • Disk...

Released: May 20, 2013

Updates in this release

Updates in v1.0 (1031)

  • Fixed a bug that resulted in a error when trying to call SysInfoDll_GetInstalledProgramsUser or SysInfoDll_GetInstalledProgramsSystem.
  • Fixed a bug that was preventing SysInfoDll_GetInstalledProgramsUser from returning programs installed for the current user.
  • Added error messages strings that can be used for failure cases in SysInfoDll_GetMemSPDInfo.
  • Fixed a bug where SysInfoDll_GetInstalledProgramsUser and SysInfoDll_GetInstalledProgramsSystem could crash when there were...

Released: Jul 17, 2012

Updates in this release

Updates in v1.0 (1026)

  • SysInfoDll_Smart_GetPhysicalDeviceIDFirst() and SysInfoDll_Smart_GetPhysicalDeviceIDNext() functions added
  • System information updates for new Intel and AMD CPUs
  • Reduced information collection time on very slow CPUs
  • DirectIO.sys updated to version 10 to allow the DIRECTIO driver service to be named by the User application
  • Improved Disk partition detection for FAT32 and FAT16 when there is no partition table
  • Temperature monitoring added for newer Intel and AMD CPUs
  • Added...