About Telerik Test Studio Ultimate

Automated Testing That Just Works.

Telerik Test Studio is an end-to-end test automation tool for Web and desktop applications, supporting functional UI, RESTful API, and load/performance testing. Whether you go codeless or employ Test Studio's code-based automation capabilities, you'll always get the best app quality and results. Test Studio offers test automation solutions for the entire team, enabling everyone, from rookie testers to senior developers, business analysts, product managers, and QA leads to achieve maximum efficiency in agile software development environments. Test Studio includes exclusive support for applications that are built with the Telerik and Kendo UI components by way of built-in translators.

Test Studio Web & Desktop
Test recording and execution for Web and WPF automated tests, built-in scheduling solution, centralized Element Repository, headless testing, and CI/CD integration are all included with the Test Studio Web & Desktop license. This license gives you access to Test Studio's core features.

Test Studio Ultimate
On top of the Web & Desktop functionalities, the Test Studio Ultimate license includes the RESTful API Testing and Load Testing modules plus 100 virtual users as well as responsive cross-browser cross-device testing, the Executive dashboard with web-based test results and reports and one free Test Studio Run-Time license. Test Studio Ultimate equips teams with everything they need to go deeper in their testing efforts and test the behavior, responsiveness, and performance of their Web and WPF applications.

Test Studio Run-Time Add-On
The Test Studio Run-Time Add-On contains the tool's runtime component. Acting as a remote execution agent, Run-Time can be used with any Windows-based machine, VM or your build server of choice to execute test lists remotely, schedule test runs, store results, send notifications and much more. It also allows you to execute tests heedlessly or as part of your CI/CD process.

Test Studio Dev Edition
Test Studio Dev Edition, Test Studio’s plug-in for Visual Studio, is designed for developers to collaborate with their testing colleagues within agile teams and is included in the DevCraft Ultimate product package. Test Studio Dev Edition comes with all features you need to create automated end-to-end tests right inside Visual Studio and enjoy easy-to-use and cost-efficient low code test automation, especially for DevCraft-built applications. You can simply test your.NET apps, regardless of their complexity or interactivity, and maintain consistent quality levels across Web and desktop.

Telerik Testing Framework
The Testing Framework is a commercial-grade free-to-use feature-rich tool that allows you to create code-only end-to-end automated tests from scratch and according to your needs. It gives you access to numerous properties and methods to help you easily build non-brittle, maintainable functional tests. The Testing Framework offers native automation for the Telerik and Kendo UI controls.

Key Features:

Test Studio Web & Desktop:

  • Create / Edit / Run Web and WPF Tests
  • Standalone IDE
  • Visual Studio Plug-In
  • Visual Test Recorder with Cross-Browser Support
  • Shared Element Repository
  • Test Scheduler
  • Remote Execution
  • Headless Testing
  • Docker Support
  • CI/CD Integration with any of the popular tools (Azure DevOps, Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, etc.)
  • Coded Steps in C# or VB.NET
  • Data Binding
  • Source Control Integration (TFS, Git)
  • Bug Tracking Integrations (TFS, Jira, Custom via APIs)
  • Native Support for Telerik UI & Kendo UI controls

Test Studio Ultimate:
*Everything included in Test Studio Web & Desktop +

  • Responsive Testing
  • Executive Dashboard with web-based results and reports
  • Load and Performance Testing
  • 100 Virtual Users for Load Testing
  • RESTful API Testing
  • 1 Free Run-Time License


Record/Playback Enables Fast Automation
Record your test codelessly based on mouse-click actions, and then run the same script across multiple browsers. Add quick functional verifications on the go or use the Advanced Recording Tools to enhance your test with more complex action and verification steps.

Monitor Quality
Keep track of the health of your test suite with the Executive Dashboard for test results and reports – a tool that can be accessed in the web and doesn’t require a Test Studio license to keep everyone on the team in the loop – testers, developers, team leads.

Quick and Stable Test Runs
Use the Test Studio Run-Time engine to execute headed UI or three times faster headless tests remotely or as part of your CI/CD set-up.

Minimize Test Maintenance
With patent-pending element detection, a centralized object repository, intelligent suggestions for fixing test failures, and multi-mechanism element search, test maintenance is considerably reduced, and flaky tests are a thing of the past.