Telerik UI for .NET MAUI R1 2023 (v5.0.0)

Released: Jan 18, 2023

Updates in R1 2023 (v5.0.0)



  • New Accordion component helps you save screen space when presenting data.
  • New Toolbar component lets you add tool and button strips to desktop and mobile applications.
  • New ProgressBar component displays progress information.
  • New SignaturePad component gives you the option to capture signatures in your mobile and desktop applications.
  • New ImageEditor component enables you to easily visualize and edit images in different file formats.


  • Added the ability to freeze a column.
  • Added the ability to scroll to an item programmatically.


  • Introduced support for Encryption Algorithm 5 with AES-256.
  • Introduced Find API which allows the user to search for text in a PDF document.


  • Added 'TapOutsideToClose' property. The default value of the property is true, when set to false, the side drawer will not be closed and the main content area will remain active.


  • Introduced Table Of Contents (TOC) field.
  • Introduced Table Of Authorities (TOA) field.