TRICHORD Licensing

Machine Non-specific License: The Machine Non-specific License is a machine-free license restricted to a given user. It is not restricted to a single machine, but can only be used by a specified user. A maximum of 5 machines can be set per License. This list of machines can be freely added to and deleted from.The Machine Non-specific License includes an unlimited operation period and one-year of support.

Machine Specific License: The Machine Specific License is a "machine-specified node license". It allows any user to use JUDE, but only on a specified machine. Only one machine can be specified per License.

Timed License is a machine-fixed license that limits both the operation period and the support period (to 1 year, 6 months, or 3 months). It is not possible to renew the support period. Please purchase a new Timed License if you would like to extend the validity period.Please be aware that TRICHORD cannot be used after the validity period expires. It is not possible to extend the support period with a Support Renewal License. A new Timed License must be purchased.