About TrueUpdate

Add live updating capabilities to your software.

TrueUpdate is a Windows application that provides a sophisticated framework for determining required updates and then retrieving and applying the necessary patch or installation files via the Internet, intranet or LAN. It was designed to meet the demand for a complete, web-enabled updating solution that can be integrated into new and existing software products, regardless of the installation and deployment methods used.

TrueUpdate's design workspace and generated updates are compatible with Windows Vista, including a configurable "requested execution level" setting for the update's manifest.

Integrates Easily - TrueUpdate was designed to minimize the time it takes to add automated update capabilities to your software. As a separate executable, the TrueUpdate system is easy to integrate into your software. Simply customize the client executable with the easy-to-use Client Configuration Utility and include it with your application. There are no additional compile-time dependencies, OCX controls, static libraries or runtime modules. Everything is included in one easily callable, standalone executable file. TrueUpdate's industry-leading ease of use is a very important feature. In order to maximize your return on investment, you need an automated update solution that can be implemented with a minimum of effort. TrueUpdate technology doesn't tie up your development team with difficult implementation details. It was designed from the ground up to be flexible, easy to use, and easy to integrate. With TrueUpdate technology, you can spend more time developing and marketing your product, and less time managing its distribution.

Reduces Support Costs - Automating the update process for your users can save you valuable time and expense. It reduces support costs by making it easier for your users to keep their software up to date - giving your tech support department fewer legacy support issues to deal with. It reduces your marketing costs, because you won't have to resort to expensive ad campaigns to keep your users abreast of new versions. It reduces production costs by allowing you to maintain a larger inventory with less concern over obselescense, relying on the TrueUpdate technology to get your users up to the latest release immediately after installing the product. No other product provides the same combination of industry-leading ease of use, cutting edge features, and absolute flexibility as TrueUpdate.

Lightweight and Stand-Alone - Written completely in optimized C and C++ code, the TrueUpdate client is small - weighing in around 550K in size. It's also completely self-contained. The TrueUpdate client has no external dependencies, so you don't have to distribute any extras to make it work. Unlike some products, it doesn't require the Java runtime, Internet Explorer, Visual Basic runtime, or any other multi-megabyte runtime engines and dependencies. It also avoids the use of proprietary server applications while still offering support for redundant, load-balanced environments. Compact and efficient, TrueUpdate technology is everything you need to get the job done.

Uses Standard Internet Protocols - TrueUpdate uses readily available client-server technologies, rather than the proprietary servers required by some other update products. By making use of affordable and trusted protocols such as HTTP and FTP, organizations of any size can deploy TrueUpdate enabled software without the need for specialized and costly hardware and software platforms. Of course, TrueUpdate also supports the use of redundant servers for companies that require the peace-of-mind of dynamic switchover and backup. TrueUpdate is built on the trusted, dependable standards you already rely on.

Puts You In Control - With TrueUpdate, there's no need to relinquish control over the reliability of your update process. Unlike services that lock you into using their servers, with TrueUpdate, you decide where your update files are hosted. You decide on the level of redundancy. You're in control of your update files, patches and web servers. There's no need to rely on the uncertain future of a "free" update service, or to wait helplessly during downtimes you are powerless to resolve. TrueUpdate technology puts you in control of the update process for your software.

Compatible with Your Existing Tools - When you choose TrueUpdate, you aren't locked into using any particular installation, deployment or patching solution. By leveraging your existing investment in software and experience, TrueUpdate saves you both time and money. While Indigo Rose suggests using the award winning Setup Factory installation tool or the Visual Patch product, you are certainly free to choose just about any tool you wish. Make use of your existing investment in software installation, deployment and patching tools. TrueUpdate is adaptable to your existing environment.

Familiar Yet Customizable Interface - With TrueUpdate, you can choose between a familiar wizard interface or a compact dialog client. Additionally, you have full control over which interface screens are displayed, along with all text messages and wizard images. Once you've built the customized client, you can further control the interface using command line switches and dynamic text variables. Of course, full international language support is built-in. You can easily translate and localize the client to dynamically display in over 70 languages.From the compact, integrated look of dialog boxes to the popular wizard style interface, the TrueUpdate client is customizable to fit your requirements.

Dozens of Actions -TrueUpdate comes with dozens of built-in actions and commands. While some products can only download and run an installer file (yet still require you to use their proprietary server application!), TrueUpdate gives you complete control. From downloading files via FTP and HTTP, to extracting ZIP files TrueUpdate is there. Throw in complete shell coverage for copying, deleting, renaming and moving files. Keep going with full conditional expression parsing, string manipulation, registry editing, add to ZIP file, application process creation and destruction. TrueUpdate even supports SMTP mail sending, FTP upload, CGI GET/POST web form interaction and a full suite of control structures and error handlers such as IF, WHILE, GOTO and ABORT. From basic HTTP file downloads to advance CGI web form interaction, FTP uploads and ZIP file manipulation, TrueUpdate keeps you covered.

Multiple Methods of Version Detection - TrueUpdate doesn't lock you into doing things in only one way. If you already have software out in the field, you'll still be able to retrofit it with TrueUpdate. Four seperate methods can be used to identify your software version. With TrueUpdate, you can choose to read a version identifier from the registry or from an INI file - whichever you prefer. Alternatively, TrueUpdate can read the embedded version resource information from executable or DLL files. Failing that, TrueUpdate also supports the calculation of 32-bit CRC values - able to identify a particular file with an accuracy of 1 in 4,294,967,296. TrueUpdate gives you the freedom to go your own way. With multiple methods of version detection and integration, TrueUpdate won't force you to change your development or deployment practices