VectorDraw Developer Framework (VDF) Releases

Released: Nov 24, 2020

Updates in 8.8006.x


  • Added the ability to use vdText and vdMtext objects in Trim and Extend commands.
  • Improved the speed of GetTransformedSelectedObjects.
  • Added a new property to the properties list.
  • Added a new method getTangentAtPoint to the vdCurve.
  • Changes have been made in order for the VDF to be compatible with Microsoft .NET Core 3 and the new Microsoft .NET 5 references.
  • Added support for LAS and LAZ laser point cloud data formats.
  • Added the ability to have only one type of object selected to show...

Released: May 12, 2020

Updates in 8.8005.x


  • Improves vdml vdcl loading performance.
  • ViewCube Axis Osnap Grip sizes to follow the display scale.
  • vdPointCloud improves performance.
  • Improves vdPolyface combine operations performance.
  • Export interface for similar properties of vdText and vdMText.
  • vdXproperty to support Decimal SByte and Char value types.
  • Adds combo box with CTB files for user to use in printer forms.
  • Improves Memory manager and rendering speed.
  • Improves performance on 4K screens.
  • Enables changing CustomObject Name...

Released: Mar 6, 2020

Updates in 8.8004.x


  • Added: Export URL property of objects to PDF export.
  • Added: Support Bold SHX texts.
  • Added: Improves drawing refresh performance.
  • Added: Improves performance of vdLayoutSplit Actions.
  • Added: Improves quality of export text to pdf.
  • Added: More options for perpendicular OSNAP in polyline when moving a polyline vertex.
  • Added: Improves performance with DisableReadraw.
  • Added: Polylines with same widths to be exploded as lines and not as polyhatch.
  • Added: GetModel2dProjection command and...

Released: Oct 18, 2019

Updates in 8.8003.x


  • Add Border Backgroundmask to the Dimension.
  • Add BackgroundMask to the Textstyle.
  • CmdChamfer to fill VDRAW_TEMPORARY_SELSET.
  • Resolve huge value HandleId number in export vds.
  • Turn visibility On or Off for mapped images.
  • Export DXF to stream using native VDF calls.


  • LineIsInvisible property is not exported properly.
  • getUserRefPoint takes too long with high resolution screens.
  • Linetype is not displayed properly to polylines with vertex width.
  • Hatch is not printed properly.
  • Visibility...

Released: Jun 11, 2019

Updates in 8.8002.1.0


  • LASSO selection.
  • DGN custom Linetytes import.
  • Added vdFigure for a large amount of points.
  • New EntitySelectMode and Default Light initial values.
  • Added ability to have FadeEffect up to value 98 or 99 instead of 90.
  • Added new method to allow zoom in or Out relative to a Pixel point.
  • Open URL of a vdFigure with double click.
  • Make the multiview viewports borders thinner.


  • Issues when printing layout with viewports to a PDF.
  • Trim command freezes the application.
  • Drawing cannot be...

Released: Jan 16, 2019

Updates in v8.8001


  • Import of PDF files.
  • Read EXIF orientation on jpg image at AddImage command.
  • Global transparency on off.
  • Explode HatchBlock and HatchImage hatches.
  • Open and Save of vdDocumentComponent without drawing format event implementations.
  • Export MouseLogic property to ActiveX.
  • Make some correction to the S factor of the Mtext.
  • Support Fractional Type of Dimension.
  • Support stretched images.
  • An event to be fire before a vdDocument is cleared.
  • Better support of EMF files.
  • vdPrintStyleTable wishes...

Released: Jun 26, 2018

Updates in v7.015.1.1


  • Render engine improvements and shadow support.
  • New 3D Render mode named RenderOn.
  • ViewCube in WCS display actions like TOP to be applied to WCS and not in ViewCS.
  • Add a combo to the insert block dialog for redefine of a block from file.
  • New Edge draw mode features.
  • Canceling save as dialog during printing to file.
  • Section Clip draw cover faces and boundary lines over filled shapes in new render.
  • Add ActiveMTextLineSpacing property.
  • New Rendering Filter property added to the Document...

Released: May 30, 2017

Updates in v7.011.1.0


Engine Updates

  • Improved the speed of method ClearEraseItems which removes Deleted entities from the Document.
  • The MergeSelection command of vdDocument will also copy the existing Guids to the new Document.
  • A new method EnsureOpenGLContext of vdDocument.GlobalRenderProperties is exported to create and initialize the OpenGL context window.
  • Added the ability to set the color of the X,Y,Z strings of the UCS Icon.
  • Added a new button to the External references dialog that allows the user to...

Released: Oct 19, 2016

Updates in v7.7009.1.0


  • Geospatial coordinates support added for PDF export.
  • Reduced size and time in Open and Save methods in native vdml vdcl format.
  • Set the VD printer properties from system default printer.
  • New GPS capabilities.
  • ImportDWGFlags can also be used for external references.
  • Improved rotation functionality, user no longer needs to continue to hold mouse button to rotate a scene.
  • Draw solid fill areas with the background color when render mode is set to Hide.
  • Improve BoundingBox calculation in...

Released: Jun 21, 2016

Updates in 7.7008.1.1


  • Improved Image Bilinear InterpolationMode when an image is down scaled
  • Improved Osnap seletion
  • Added the ability to have different widths between polyline segments.
  • Improved the Color Dialog
  • Added support of nested xclips in inserts.
  • Better management of Palette and render Background color.
  • Edit a Text inside a vdInsert , If the user clicks a vdText which is inside an Insert then the Edit sequence will start.
  • Edit a MultiText inside a vdInsert , If the user clicks a vdMText which is...