PDF Conversion Server

Convert PDF and PostScript pages into industry-standard vector and raster formats.

Published by Visual Integrity
Distributed by ComponentSource since 2009

Prices from: $ 979.02 Version: 11.2019.2.0 Updated: Mar 7, 2019

About PDF Conversion Server

Convert PDF and PostScript pages into industry-standard vector and raster formats.

Visual Integrity PDF Conversion Server's impressive flexibility and easy customization make automating projects requiring page conversion quick and easy. The Conversion Server uses PostScript and PDF files, application data or print streams as input and outputs most industry-standard vector, page and image formats. All PDF versions are supported, for creating and consuming PDF.

Features of the Conversion Server

  • Simple command-line interface and easy-to-edit options file
  • SDK available to integrate conversion engine  in your own application
  • The engine is optimized for reliability and performance in high volume, scalable solutions
  • Supports PDF, PostScript and EPS input formats.
  • Extensive control over conversion parameters.
  • Choose preconfigured modules or mix and match just the input and output formats you require
  • Custom development can be arranged (customization, feature extensions)
  • Supports many mission-critical enterprise level processes such as digital archival, compliancy and regulatory applications, workflow automation, Web and print publishing and on-demand services.
  • During evaluation and purchase, a Visual Integrity Integration Advisor will review your files at no charge to ensure an optimal configuration.
  • Includes all functionality in PDF FLY.
  • Ouputs industry standard vector output formats which are scaleable and editable at the text and object level including PDF, PostScript, EPS, SVG, WMF, EMF, DXF, HPGL and CGM
  • High-fidelity image formats for Web and office including JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP and TIFF can be generated at ideal resolution settings for print or screen display
  • The Text Extraction Server supports ISO8859, UTF8 and UNICODE character encodings.
  • Options to map, reference, substitute or outline Type 1 and TrueType fonts to compensate for font mismatches between source and target systems
  • Multiplatform availability on-line for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Versions for Oracle Solaris, HP-UX and IBM AIX available upon request.