VisualSP for Viva Connections

VisualSP for Microsoft Viva Connections allows you to easily onboard your users and provide continual training and support using walkthroughs, inline help, pop up videos and more directly on your SharePoint site within Viva Connections for Microsoft Teams. VisualSP ensures that users have the support and answers they need at their fingertips when using your intranet within Teams.

What is VisualSP for Viva Connections?
Microsoft released Viva Connections for Teams to bring your SharePoint intranet directly within your Teams environment. VisualSP for Viva Connections is your solution to provide self help, support, and training to your users directly on top of the interface within Teams.

VisualSP provides customizable prebuilt walkthroughs, tip sheets and the capability to make various types of help and training items that are always available to your users as they need it...

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VisualSP for Viva Connections released
VisualSP for Viva Connections released
June 1, 2021New Product
Provide self help, support, and training to users directly within Microsoft Teams.

Prices from: $ 4,851.00

Licensed on an annual basis, you will need to renew your license each year to continue to use the software. Licensed for up to 2,000 users. This will provide the license to deploy and implement...

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