wayUp is an advanced, exclusive and customizable solution for the global management of Marketing and Sales projects. It allows you to manage, monitor and analyze all the activities of the Field Force with a comprehensive overview of every retail store. Users can rely on innumerable features, plus customizable tools based on the project's needs. wayUp from Weteam is a multi channel and multi device platform resulting from years of experience in operational marketing.

WayUp is the ideal solution for managing all activities in the field, through timely and structured data collection (survey + photos). wayUp Platform can incorporate all activities in-field (Sales, Marketing, inspections, technical interventions, tracking, etc). It is ideal to plan activities, collect data via dynamic surveys, and analyze the data collected. It can be used by sales agents, merchandisers, Mystery Shopping, technical, Inspector, shipping specialists, fitters, and for the...

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wayUp - January 2018 release
wayUp - January 2018 release
Adds mobile APP to wayUp Start up package.
wayUp from Weteam
wayUp from Weteam
From field to success, an advanced solution for the global management of marketing and sales projects.

Prices from: $ 11,324.85

One software license is required per Platform, per User, per Year. To continue to use the wayUp Platform you will need to purchase a license each year. A Platform is where a customer manages all their...

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