X12 Integrator .NET Edition

X12 Integrator includes software components that facilitate Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) mapping and translation (X12 & EDIFACT). The components include flexible schema support enabling developers to use various schema formats allowing for easier integration with existing EDI processing applications.

The X12 Integrator provides the utmost in flexibility for developers and businesses interested in enabling their software systems with Internet EDI (X12 and EDIFACT) parsing and message generation capabilities. The X12 Integrator includes two dynamic EDI components that can be used to parse and generate EDI (X12 and EDIFACT) data:

  • EDIReader: Parses an incoming EDI document (X12 or EDIFACT) so you may read the data in the document. This component can either load an entire document at once or...

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X12 Integrator .NET Edition 2016
X12 Integrator .NET Edition 2016
New X12Translator component helps you easily convert X12 to XML and vice versa.
X12 Integrator released
X12 Integrator released
Add Internet EDI parsing and message generation to your applications.
One software license is required per Development Workstation. Run-time royalty free. Annual Maintenance includes updates and upgrades for 1 Year.

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