Xceed SFTP for .NET

Xceed SFTP for .NET provides robust, secure file transfer, file access and file management using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). It works with most SFTP servers by implementing version 3 and 6 of the SFTP protocol, SSH-2, and a variety of protocol modes such as counter mode encryption. Works with most proxy servers through HTTP, SOCKS4/4A and SOCKS5.

Xceed SFTP for .NET Features

SFTP protocol features

  • Complies with RFC 4253, 4252, and 4254.
  • Implements the SSH-2 protocols. This means that data exchanges with the server use strong encryption and data integrity checks. Encryption keys are exchanged in a secure manner and are automatically changed periodically during a session.
  • Implements versions 3 and 6 of the SFTP protocol. Versions 4 and 5 are not supported but automatic fallback to version 3 works with most servers.
  • Items from the SFTP...

Latest News

Xceed SFTP for .NET V7.0
Xceed SFTP for .NET V7.0
July 21, 2021New Version
Adds the ability to authenticate with ECDSA certificates.
Xceed SFTP for .NET V6.8.1
Xceed SFTP for .NET V6.8.1
October 22, 2020New Version
Adds new key exchange methods.
Xceed SFTP for .NET V6.8
Xceed SFTP for .NET V6.8
January 31, 2020New Version
Adds support for rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 public key algorithms.
Xceed SFTP for .NET V6.7
Xceed SFTP for .NET V6.7
February 5, 2019New Version
Adds support for .NET Standard 2.0 and above.
Xceed SFTP for .NET V6.6
Xceed SFTP for .NET V6.6
June 21, 2018New Version
Securely send and receive files, folders or entire directory structures quickly and easily. Latest maintenance release.
Xceed SFTP for .NET V6.5
Xceed SFTP for .NET V6.5
January 17, 2018New Version
Maintenance release includes a bug fix.

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