XML ValidatorBuddy Releases

March 05, 2018

Updates in 6.3.5


  • JSON Schema analyzer - A built-in JSON schema analyzer assists you while editing your JSON schema documents. The analyzer reports semantic issues like unresolved references, unused definitions, unknown types and much more.
  • Generate sample data from JSON schema - Live generation of JSON sample data on working with JSON schema files. Create a JSON instance document from schema.
  • Full Integration of schemastore.org JSON schema library - JSON schemas from schemastore.org are assigned...
October 29, 2017

Updates in 6


  • New Web Service Query component loads XML and JSON response data.
  • Enhanced entry-helpers with new Schema Info and Elements windows for XML data.
  • Full access to all JSON schemas available at schemastore.org with a new Open-Dialog.
  • JSON schemas from schemastore.org are assigned automatically to JSON instance documents based on filename matching.
  • Check for duplicate property names on JSON syntax check.
November 02, 2015

Updates in 5.3

New XML Grid Editor

  • Context sensitive entry-helper with schema support.
  • Always create well-formed XML.
  • XPath evaluation window.
  • Convert between XML and JSON and import CSV text as XML.
  • Quickly create XML using drag-and-drop.
  • Collapse and expand sections of XML data with a single click.
  • Syntax-coloring for attributes, comments and processing instructions.
  • Standard editor functionalities undo-redo, copy-paste and find-replace.
  • Support for keyboard navigation including arrow keys and...