About xSQL Software Schema Compare for SQL Server

Compare and synchronize schemas of Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Azure databases.

xSQL Software Schema Compare for SQL Server allows for comparing and synchronizing any two Microsoft SQL Server or SQL Azure database schemas, generating a safe, target compliant synchronization script, and executing the sync script on the target database. The included schema snapshot capability, and the command line utility make this an ideal tool for automating the management of the database schema changes.

Schema Compare for SQL Server Features:

  • An intuitive user-interface, combined with a context-sensitive ribbon, provides easy access to all functions and operations.
  • A carefully-designed workspace stores all your data sources, credentials and other settings in one central place.
  • Comparison sessions, saved automatically in the workspace, allow you to redo the most frequent comparisons with just one click.
  • Safe script execution allow you to either commit all schema changes or roll them back entirely, never leaving the database partially updated.
  • Various logs and reports, such as the synchronization log and the database differences report, allow you to view the schema changes before updating your databases.
  • Compare on-premise SQL Server databases, all editions from 2005 to 2019, and the latest Azure Databases, all in one interface.
  • When you compare different versions of SQL Server, objects, properties or features not supported by the target database are automatically excluded.
  • The synchronization script will always honor the version, edition and the compatibility level of the target database.
  • You can use traditional SQL Server and Windows Authentication or the new Azure-based Authentication with your databases.
  • You can fine-tune the operations via an abundance of comparison, scripting and execution options provided by the Schema Compare interface and the Schema Compare Command Line.
  • Use the user-interface to compare your databases, take a snapshot of the database schema, generate differences reports, all in a simple and intuitive package.
  • Use the command line to perform comparison and synchronization in batch files, or run them at a specific time.
  • Use the command line wizard to create or modify the configuration files of the command line utility.
  • Use our proprietary database snapshot to make of a copy of the database schema at a point in time and, if needed, use it to restore your database.
  • Use Schema Compare SDK (sold separately) to integrate the schema comparison into your own applications.