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  4. Customer Review: After 20+ years we have decided to move from the Janus Grid and the related components. We need to ensure that our software is future proofed. To that end we have purchased Component One Studio Enterprise. The C1 controls have some nice features, even though we feel the features of some other ... Read more

  5. 3. Janus GridEX Buy Now

    Brand: Janus Systems
    Primary Category: Grid Components

    Customer Review: Very good component for use within Access Database. Good support for databinding to sql-server ... Read more Show more results from this product

  6. Customer Review: A super tool!! We used it in our My-Office tool which is connecting to SAP and the greatest ... Read more

  7. Customer Review: database and it would have been a tremendous effort trying to create data entry forms for them. However, I ... Read more

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  9. Customer Review: Since the other reviews are about ten years old, let me say that I have been using ConponentOne Studio for Winforms for many years now, and it has become a very mature product. Controls such as Inputpanel can be used to whip up applications just as quick as MS Access apps. The support from their ... Read more

  10. Customer Review: I have recently upgraded from using VS Flex Grid with Visual Basic to using the new ComponentOne Flex Grid with .NET and I am considerably impressed with the new package. It is an added bonus that all the other controls come with the studio. I have also started using the charting component and have ... Read more

  11. Customer Review: With the architecture in .Net changing so that you can bind the grid to a dataset, not binding directly to a database ... Read more

  12. 6. Aspose.PDF for .NET Buy Now

    Brand: Aspose
    Primary Category: PDF Components

    Customer Review: containing priorietary information from my database. I also had the requirement to convert to/from other ... Read more

  13. Customer Review: With the upcoming release of Windows 8, Microsoft Windows and .NET developers are shifting their focus to build eye-catching web applications with powerful user interfaces using elements inherited from the operating system. Today's software development tools must thus perform equally well in ... Read more

  14. Customer Review: & Label 17 is on Designer optimization. You can now bind the reporting component to cloud databases, too. ... Read more

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  18. Customer Review: at the actual type in the database. For example, I needed to write a report to output images from a database - ... that this cannot be done without writing lots of code to read the images from the database and then assign them ... Read more Show more results from this product

  19. Customer Review: database however you should be able to bind our picture control to binary image data in the database (as ... long as the data is a valid, .NET memorystream type when read back from the database). The control ... Read more