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  1. Dynamic-CD for ASP

    About Dynamic-CD for ASP

    Produce CDs with processing power, adding an Internet server that runs straight from the CD. Dynamic-CD serves ordinary static HTML pages, images etc to the user's browser and also processes server-side ASP scripts. Put a database on your CD and generate HTML pages in real time. Protect ...

  2. Features of Dynamic-CD for ASP

    Features included: Store a catalog of products on the CD and process search queries. Users can select products, generate an order and email the order to you Password protect sections of the CD, allowing access only to those who have paid a license fee Download your ASP website to a CD and take it ...

  3. PDFlib

    Brand: PDFlib
    Category: PDF Components
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    PDFlib 9 adds PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 Support

    for PDF/VT, PDFlib Blocks and Rich Media. Create multimedia ...

  4. Fath Software All-In-One Package

    About Fath Software All-In-One Package

    All-In-One Package features currently include: Multimedia ... VideoCapX multimedia ActiveX component allows developers to easily ... to their applications. Whether you are creating a multimedia player, a TiVo or TV tuner ...

  5. Resco MobileForms Toolkit

    Brand: Resco
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    Create Multimedia Applications

    ImageBox for .NET CF is a versatile image control supporting various graphic formats. ImageButton for .NET CF is an adjustable, modifiable and skinnable button. Audio for .NET CF is a powerful library for playing and recording audio. ...

  6. About Resco MobileForms Toolkit

    Smart development for mobile devices with controls for .NET CF, Android, Windows Mobile, WP7 and iOS. Resco MobileForms Toolkit Universal Edition is a complete set of cross-platform UI controls for mobile development. Resco MobileForms Toolkit Universal Edition includes Windows Mobile, Windows ...

  7. AH XSL Formatter Standard

    AH Formatter adds MathML V3 support

    Support for embedding multimedia and extensions. Support ... PDFs and enhanced support for embedding multimedia ...

  8. Sapphire Suite

    About Sapphire Suite

    The complete set of Sapphire Solutions  eVB, VB.NET and C# Development Utilities. Sapphire Suite package contains the latest version of Sapphire Solutions released utilities: Sapphire RAS Utility, Sapphire FTP Utility, Sapphire GZip, Sapphire Encrypt, Sapphire IrDA, Sapphire Buttons, Sapphire IMEI, ...

  9. ComponentOne Studio Enterprise

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    ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2011 v3 released

    Author and manage HTML content on any Web page. New Multimedia ...

  10. AH CSS Formatter Lite

    AH Formatter improves Compatibility

    in the GUI. Support for PDF/X-4. Support for embedding multimedia ...

  11. Video Capture SDK .Net

    Brand: VisioForge
    Price Range: Price Range

    About Video Capture SDK .Net

    .NET based SDK that integrates video capturing and processing functions into software. Video Capture SDK .Net implements video and audio playback and capture from a broad range of sources including TV tuners, USB web cams, DV/HDV camcorders, PCI capture cards and IP cameras. Supports AVI, WMV, DV, ...

  12. What's New in Video Capture SDK .Net

    What's New in Video Capture SDK .NET 8.6 Added video H264 CPU / Intel QuickSync decoder Added video H264 Intel QuickSync encoder Added audio capture from speakers Added FLAC output Added CaptureScreenToImage / CaptureWindowToImage API Updated LAME encoder, now available for x64 API update - ...

  13. Media Player SDK Delphi

    Brand: VisioForge
    Price Range: Price Range

    About Media Player SDK Delphi

    Integrate video, audio and DVD playback into your Delphi applications. VisioForge Media Player SDK allows programmers to easily integrate video, audio and DVD playback into their software applications. It also allows you to draw overlay bitmap and text over the video with effects. VisioForge Media ...

  14. What's New in Media Player SDK Delphi

    What's New in Media Player SDK 8.3 Updated FFMPEG decoder Several bug fixes What's New in Media Player SDK 8.0 VLC engine implemented for video/audio files playback Several bug fixes What's New in Media Player SDK 7.2 Updated FFMPEG decoder Pan / zoom video effect Small bug fixes ...