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    Description: Advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Library to read text from images and PDFs in.NET applications. IronOCR for.NET enables software engineers to read text content from images & PDFs in.NET applications and Web sites. Read text and barcodes ... Read more

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    Description: PDF, Excel, OCR, barcode and web scraper.NET components. Iron Suite for.NET includes IronPDF (read, edit, and sign PDFs. HTML to PDF for.NET), IronXL (use Excel with no Office Interop required), IronOCR (extract text from images in 127 languages), ... Read more

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    Release Notes: Adds.NET 6 support and improves security and performance. 2022.9.8979 Updated Sep 13, 2022 Features Image Compatibility Improvements Added support for Microsoft.NET 7 Preview. Added IronSoftware.System.Drawing to add Bitmap support for: System.Drawing ... Read more

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    Description: Create modern and responsive line-of-business desktop apps that run on every Windows device. DevExpress WinUI ships with 20 controls (including a DataGrid, Scheduler, Ribbon UI, Data Editors, Reporting, Gauge Indicators, Range Control, and over 10 Chart ... Read more