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  1. Description: Add hierarchical tree data editing functionality to your applications. The ExpressOrgChart is a fully functional VCL component (both data aware and non data aware), designed for the display and editing of hierarchical tree data structures such as the ... Read more

  2. Description: Add multi-dimensional data analysis to your applications. ExpressPivotGrid Suite was engineered to improve the way in which data-centric applications deliver information to end-users. With its powerful data architecture, ExpressPivotGrid Suite ... Read more

  3. Description: Add data rendering and printing functionality to your applications. ExpressPrinting System is an advanced data rendering and printing system specifically designed to bring your User Interface to the printed page. Via its Report Link technology, ... Read more

  4. Description: Add tree list functionality to your applications. ExpressQuantumTreeList Suite is a multi-purpose data visualization system that can operate as a tree or a grid in both data aware and non-data aware modes. ExpressQuantumTreeList offers a unique synergy ... Read more

  5. Description: A scheduling library for Delphi/C++Builder developers. ExpressScheduler is a scheduling library built upon Developer Express’s visual infrastructure, ExpressScheduler will help you build scheduling applications that mimic the UI of Microsoft Outlook and ... Read more

  6. 46. ExpressSkins Library i

    Brand: DevExpress
    Primary Category: Themes Components

    Description: Enable skinning functionality in most Developer Express VCL components. ExpressSkins Library provides you with Microsoft Office look and feel options and several unique visual styles featuring rounded buttons, glass effects and gradient fills. With ... Read more

  7. Description: Add spell checking to your VCL applications. ExpressSpellChecker provides you with a straightforward way to add Microsoft Office style spell checking capabilities into your next Windows application. ExpressSpellChecker offers you built in correction forms ... Read more

  8. Description: Introduce advanced spreadsheet functionality into your software projects. ExpressSpreadSheet is a cross-platform spreadsheet control built from the ground up and fully optimized for both Windows and Linux operating systems. With only a few property ... Read more

  9. 49. ExpressVerticalGrid i

    Brand: DevExpress
    Primary Category: Grid Components

    Description: Add an "inverted" grid control to your VCL applications. Formerly known as ExpressInspector, ExpressVertical Grid Suite is an "inverted" grid control for Delphi and C++Builder. With the ExpressVerticalGrid Suite, you will no longer ... Read more

  10. 50. XtraLayoutControl Suite i

    Brand: DevExpress
    Primary Category: Form Components

    Description: Form design, layout and customization library. XtraLayout helps you use straightforward drag and drop operations to quickly create fully customizable forms that meet and exceed the requirements of your users. From automatic arrangement of presentation ... Read more