About ExpressDBTree Suite

Add recursive data display functionality to you applications.

ExpressDBTree Suite provides you with a series of powerful and easy-to-use tree controls for the display of recursive data in an application. Features such as smart-record loading improve the performance and flexibility of the control to a point that these structures no longer have an adverse performance impact. Intelligent field propagation insures that your data is correct during drag and drop events and when creating nodes.

The core design principle behind the ExpressDBTree Suite is that of simplicity. Here are the steps to bind data to the ExpressDBTree:

  • Setup Base Properties: DataSource, KeyField, ParentField, and ListField. With these simple settings you are on your way to compiling your application and enabling your end-users with the flexibility to view information in a tree structure.
  • To add images, set up Images (StateImages) and ImageField (StateImageField).

Ultimately, the Express DBTreeView works very much like a common TreeView. It supports all of the Properties, Events, and Methods of a standard TreeView control...You can easily add, edit, move, delete and drag tree nodes. The ExpressDBTree handles all database chores and responsibilities behind the scenes to eliminate any and all difficulties you would normally face when binding data to a Non-DB aware tree. And of course, with "smart load" technology, you can turn slow data retrieval to fast and efficient "Express Retrieval."

The ExpressDBTree Suite includes 4 Field Editors that incorporate custom resizeable drop-down windows.

  • TreeView Edit
  • DBTreeView Edit
  • LookupTreeView Edit
  • DBLookupTreeView Edit

TreeViewEdit and DBTreeView controls combine field editors with drop down tree views. LookupTreeView and DBLookupTreeView controls are lookups that combine field edit controls with data-aware drop down tree views.