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ExpressBars Suite is an advanced toolbar, menu, andsidebar navigation system for Delphi and C++Builder developers with complete support for the look, feel, and behavior of Microsoft Office. This 100% native VCL library is designed to free your end-users from the limitations imposed by standard menu and toolbar systems, while at the same time enabling full runtime customization, all without writing a single line of code. ExpressBars Suite Source Code Licenses available.

The ExpressBars Suite is a 100% VCL toolbar, menu and docking system for Delphi and C++Builder. Written from the ground up, it is optimized to take full advantage of the VCL component architecture and once integrated into your projects, gives you the power to deliver unrivalled capabilities and runtime customization to your end-users without writing a single line of source code.

The ExpressBars Suite isn't just powerful but it is completely easy to use. For your end-users, they will have at...

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ExpressBars Suite adds Skin Chooser Gallery
ExpressBars Suite adds Skin Chooser Gallery
v2011 vol 1 also adds new Ribbon styles and gallery, context-sensitive mini toolbar and automatic Bar Manager binding.
One software license is required per developer. You may install the product on more than one machine as long as each developer has their own license. This allows you to install it on your work, home...

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