Megabit (Blazorise)
Hrvojeva 11
21204 Dugopolje
Open: Mon-Fri, 9:00am-5:00pm CEST (UTC+2.00)


Blazorise (Megabit) is a European software development company situated in Croatia. It produces UI components for Blazor, C#, and Visual Studio developers. Blazorise .NET, and Blazor UI components are the company's most popular products, designed to operate with almost any CSS framework, including Bootstrap, Bulma, Material, AntDesign, and others.

Blazorise has been a key framework which allowed us to quickly build new products while focusing on distinguishing features. The diverse offering of components and compelling documentation made thinking about new features and visualizing them much quicker. The customization layer offered is also excellent and allows us to really make our products and solutions feel coherent and in line with the company brand.

Cristian Recoseanu, Pebble

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Blazorise v1.0
Blazorise v1.0
Build high-performant web apps with more than 80+ native Blazor UI components for any app scenario.