Blazorise is a component library built on top of Blazor with support for popular CSS frameworks like Bootstrap, Bulma, AntDesign and Material. The Blazorise library provides state-of-the-art solutions for startups and enterprises. Blazorise was built from the ground up to support most popular CSS frameworks without sacrificing speed or features while still allowing you to have an easy code syntax, advanced features like form validation, localization, charting, data-grid, theming, and more.

Blazorise is one of the most complete Blazor component libraries. It provides built-in solutions for all the essential UI requirements. It is easy to learn, use and customize. We trust it in our solutions, and it is highly recommended.

Halil İbrahim Kalkan, ABP Framework

Multiple CSS Frameworks
Blazorise is built from the ground up to support industry favorite CSS frameworks (Bootstrap, Bulma, Material, AntDesign) without sacrificing speed or features.

80+ Components
Blazorise comes with 80+ UI components that help you build consistent UIs fast. The theme can be customized to match your brand. Extension component are built upon the core components to extend and bring even more features.

Community Driven
Blazorise started as open-source and is still free to use...

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Blazorise v1.0
Blazorise v1.0
Build high-performant web apps with more than 80+ native Blazor UI components for any app scenario.

Prices from: $ 489.02

One software license is required per developer. Runtime Royalty Free. Community, Professional, Enterprise, Free - Non Commercial Use, Per Developer, Royalty Free Commercial Use, Per Developer, Royalty...

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