Blazorise Releases

Released: Sep 27, 2022

Updates in v1.1.x


Updated Jan 17, 2024


  • AntDesign : Autocomplete does not work at all.
  • EmptyTemplate is not rendered in DataGrid when data is empty.
  • Modals not closing when clicked on backdrop.
  • Autocomplete with empty SelectedValues.
  • Datagrid with many rows & DataGridMultiSelectColumn activated become slow when check pressed.


Updated Dec 13, 2022


  • Added the ability to implement delayed execution in 'BaseAfterRenderComponent'.
  • NumericPicker: You can now check for large number values...

Released: Mar 4, 2022

Updates in v1.0.x


Updated Jul 26, 2022


  • Update Bootstrap Icons to 1.9.1.


  • Modal: Fix Animations.
  • Card Deck: Not uniform in size.
  • Autocomplete selected value lost when selecting item with keyboard.
  • Autocomplete : Investigate NotFound Handling with SearchChanged as a long-running task.
  • DataGrid: in VirtualizeManualReadMode, if ReadData returns synchronously, sorting would not work.
  • DataGridRowStyling with FixedHeader not working.
  • Make ChildContent generic for ListView.
  • AutoComplete with Multiple...