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Wisej.NET by Ice Tea Group is an enterprise-scale framework for mission-critical web applications using standard .NET. With its coordinated full-stack approach and unbeaten productivity, Wisej.NET takes web development for line-of-business applications to a new level. Thanks to its robustness and large feature set, organizations choose Wisej.NET as the perfect system to build or modernize desktop applications of any complexity to native HTML5 systems ready for scalable Cloud deployment.


Working with Wisej and Ice Tea Group’s technologies has increased productivity with significantly faster release cycles than before.

Christer Lindström, Application Specialist at Skanska Sweden IT AB

Latest News

Wisej.NET v3.2
Wisej.NET v3.2
Adds new modern, centralized and flexible validation system for Wisej.NET applications.
Wisej.NET v3.1
Wisej.NET v3.1
Adds new Typed Text Box editor control.
Wisej.NET released
Wisej.NET released
Full-stack framework to develop enterprise-scale web applications using standard .NET.

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