DevExpress Data Visualization Showcase

DevExpress LogoDevExpress has offered solutions for data visualization since 2003. Notable clients include Ultima Businessware, Turnriver Group, Babelfor.NET, etc. Its software development tools and expert technical support can help you build the next great app in the shortest possible time.

Make the most of your data

DevExpress offers everything you need to build rich data visualization solutions for Win, Web and Mobile, as part of its individual platform subscriptions, or multi-platform Universal Subscription.

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WinForms ASP WPF Windows 10 HTML5

Build stunning data visualization solutions

Create insightful and information rich decision support systems using the DevExpress UI elements - Chart, Data Grid, Gauge and Map.
Connect to a variety of data sources across the Enterprise.

DevExpress Dashboard for .NET
DevExpress Comptible Databases

An Award-Winning Data Grid

With patent-pending server side data processing, the DevExpress Data Grid is a feature-complete editing and data shaping component that allows end-users to easily manage and display information on-screen. Voted #1 for four straight years by readers of Visual Studio Magazine. DevExpress offers grid controls for WinForms, ASP.NET MVC & WebForms, WPF and Windows 10.

  • WinForms Data Grid

    WinForms Data Grid

  • ASP.NET Data Grid

    ASP.NET Data Grid

  • WPF Data Grid

    WPF Data Grid

  • Windows 10 Data Grid

    Windows 10 Data Grid

A Comprehensive Collection of Charts

The XtraCharts Suite has been engineered to dramatically simplify the way in which you visually present information to your end-users. Optimized for both performance and flexibility, the XtraCharts Suite is a highly customizable control library which can be leveraged in a nearly endless number of business scenarios, be it real-time charting or analysis of multi-dimensional data.

  • WinForms Chart Control

    WinForms Chart Control

  • ASP.NET Chart Control

    ASP.NET Chart Control

  • WPF Chart Control

    WPF Chart Control

  • Windows 10 Chart Control

    Windows 10 Chart Control

Over 150 Ready-to-use Gauges

The XtraGauges Suite ships with 150+ built-in presets and is extremely easy to use. So easy that all you need to do is drop a control onto a form - No need to manually create elements, customize their appearance, size and layout. Simply choose the template you like best, bind your control to data and voila – you are ready to go.

XtraGauges Suite

Multi-device dashboards are within your reach

DevExtreme ships with the tools you’ll need to create insightful and information rich HTML5/JavaScript data visualization solutions across platforms and mobile devices.


Use your knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create dashboards for any mobile device using a single codebase that can be reused across all supported platforms.

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