The Program

FAQsHow does the ComponentSource publisher program work? The publisher program has been designed to easily allow you to enter the worldwide market for software components or development tools with your products. Below are specific commercial questions referencing specific areas of the ComponentSource Worldwide Value Added Reseller Agreement and marketing contracts.

Q. How do I get started with ComponentSource?
A. The first step is to visit our Join our Program page and fill in a Product Assessment Form. The next step is to select the tier level at which you would like to join our program, complete the appropriate agreements and fax them to us.
Fax: +1 770 250 6199 or +44 118 958 9999 in Europe or +81 3 3237 0282 in Asia/Pac.
Alternatively speak to a representative:
North/South America Representative: +1 770 250 6132
Europe, Middle East Africa : +44 118 958 1111
Asia/Pacific: +81 3 3237 0281

Q. Does ComponentSource have a standard agreement to sign in order to join the program?
A. A contract provided by ComponentSource must be signed between the publisher and ComponentSource. Download a copy of the contract and submit the document by fax to +1 770 250 6199 or +44 118 958 9999 in Europe or +81 3 3237 0282 in Asia/Pac.

Q. How much does it cost?
A. Initial joining fee of $500 (Author Tier only).
Monthly Marketing Fees of:
Author Tier: $100 per month
Professional Tier: $360 per month
Corporate Tier: $1,200 per month
Enterprise Tier: $2,400 per month minimum - but the exact price depends on the bespoke marketing and sales services provided.

Q. What commission or discount do you take?
A. ComponentSource receives a 40% discount from your Suggested Retail Price (SRP) for all sales of software licenses and upgrades.

Q. Can I negotiate a deal?
A. Yes - whilst ComponentSource offers the same options and terms to all publishers, we are willing to discuss alternatives. Provided there is a compelling reason or unique circumstances and we agree with you that this is the case, then we are willing to negotiate an alternative discount, commission or agreement terms and conditions.

Q. Why should I use you rather than someone who takes a lower commission?
A. This is not an exclusive agreement and ComponentSource will not prohibit you to work with other resellers offering a smaller discount. ComponentSource offers a unique global VAR Program taking you to the largest developer community available. ComponentSource is the most visited software component marketplace and software development tool store in the world. Being the only online reseller to offer partner store Web sites, 50 toll free numbers from 47 countries around the world, multi-lingual customer support, multi-lingual technical support and multi-currency pricing to name but a few, the value add to the program is superior to other online channels.

Q. What additional charges are there to put my software on your site?
A. There are no surprise additional charges to the marketing fee and discount for you to feature all your software components and tools on However, there are additional services that you may want to use which do have a set published price list. You can review them here.

Q. Why do I need to put ComponentSource details on my Web site?
A. All publishers are to include ComponentSource contact details on your Web site to prove that ComponentSource is a genuine reseller for your software. Also, this allows you to take advantage of the value add services that we offer including 50 toll free numbers from 47 countries around the world, multi-lingual customer service, multi-lingual technical support and multi currency pricing.

Q. What happens when your team cannot handle a technical question about my product?
A. Our technical support team will liaise with you directly when a customer request is beyond the scope of a normal "Level 1" technical support query.

Q. What if I do not own the intellectual property of the software?
A. As the publisher you must own the intellectual property of the software otherwise you do not have the right to resell it and we will not enter into an agreement with you.