Marketing Exposure

FAQsMarket to more than 1,125,000 software development and IT professionals through the world's largest business-to-business marketplace and software component community for Microsoft Windows, .NET™ & COM™ / ActiveX™, Java/EJB™, AJAX/JavaScript, Flash/Flex, Eclipse & VCL products. Take your development tools to a huge global audience of multi-lingual professionals involved in all aspects of the software development life-cycle. Find out how we will take your software to a new audience. (We also have a growing demand for products that work with Microsoft SharePoint and Reporting Services).

Q. How will I stand out from the crowd?
A. The ComponentSource customer chooses a product based on what they can see prior to purchase; the quality of online documentation, the ease of use of the evaluation and the quality of any sample code provided to help them get started faster. By providing quality software materials, strong supporting marketing collateral, such as White Papers, FAQs, Release Notes and by communicating well with your Account Managers at ComponentSource, you will keep your product up-to-date and will stand out from the crowd. We aim at corporate companies and developers and as such do not wish to carry "over hyped" product descriptions. We will edit these type of submissions to conform to our own consistent style, that our customers value and expect. You may view our recommendations here.

Q. Can I put all my products through your program?
A. ComponentSource wants to feature all relevant products that you have developed on the ComponentSource Web site. There is no stipulation in the agreement which limits the number of products and there are no additional costs to feature more products.

Q. What assistance does ComponentSource provide to assist in marketing my products?
A. ComponentSource only makes money through selling products, therefore it is in our best interest to assist you to market your software well. We will review your pricing, product positioning and licensing structure if sales are not being generated. Visit our Pricing Advice Service.

Q. My company is too small to market to the world? How can I get over this barrier?
A. ComponentSource has designed a program to allow you, no matter how large or small your company, to reach a new audience. We provide value add services which include multi-lingual customer services, multi-lingual technical support, multi-currency pricing, to name but a few.

Q. What Web sites are included in the program?
A. In addition to the ComponentSource Web site there are several partner stores Web sites that you will be included on. We continually establish new partnerships to create further sites for you to appear on, such as: DevPia (South Korea) & Impress R&D (Japan). In addition, if you sign the additional GSA Letter of Supply when you join our program your products will be listed on our GSA Schedule to enable sales to Government customers in the USA, this means your products will be listed on the GSA Advantage Web site as well.

Q. Are there additional marketing opportunities that I can purchase?
A. We are able to provide all manner of additional marketing opportunities, these are illustrated in our Marketing Opportunities area.