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Analyze and Diagnose .NET 8 App Performance

April 5, 2024
Perfinity adds .NET 8 support, ensuring its performance profiling tools are compatible with the latest version of the .NET framework.

Perfinity GmbH, is a software development company specializing in advanced profiling and tracing solutions for software developers and engineers. With a focus on optimizing performance and diagnosing issues in complex software systems, Perfinity offers a suite of cutting-edge tools designed to analyze and visualize the behavior of applications in real-time.

Perfinity has added .NET 8 support across its product range:

  • Perfinity .NET Runtime Analyzer v7.0.20 - a software tool designed to provide insights and analysis into the runtime behavior and performance of .NET applications.
  • SpeedTrace Pro v9.0.20 - a performance profiling and tracing tool that offers real-time monitoring and analysis capabilities, enabling developers to pinpoint bottlenecks and optimize the performance of their software applications efficiently.
  • Perfinity .NET Profiler Bundle v9.0.20 - a suite of performance profiling tools tailored specifically for .NET applications, offering advanced insights and diagnostics to optimize performance, enhance resource utilization, and improve overall software quality.

Learn more about Perfinity's product range on our Perfinity brand page.

Enhance AI-generated SQL Queries with Schema Info

April 5, 2024
DataGrip 2024.1 allows you to describe what you want in plain English before creating queries for you, using your database structure as a guide.

DataGrip is a multi-engine database environment that supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, SQLite, HyperSQL, Apache Derby and H2. It includes an editor that provides intelligent coding assistance such as auto-completion, analysis and navigation. It also features a query console for running and profiling queries.

In DataGrip 2024.1, the AI Assistant can now leverage database schema information to significantly enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of SQL queries generated from your natural language requests. This empowers you to create more precise queries and gain deeper insights from your data.

To see a full list of what's new in version 2024.1, see our release notes.

DataGrip is licensed per user, and is available as a commercial annual subscription license. We can supply new subscriptions, subscription renewals (including continuity discounts), lapsed renewals, and additional user licenses. See our DataGrip licensing page for full details.

For more information, visit our DataGrip product page.

Discover Memory Leaks and Optimize .NET 8 Apps

April 5, 2024
ANTS Memory Profiler v11.3.0 now lets you identify and fix memory-related issues within your .NET 8 codebase.

ANTS Memory Profiler by Redgate Software is a powerful tool designed for .NET developers to identify and diagnose memory-related issues within their applications. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, ANTS Memory Profiler enables developers to pinpoint memory leaks, excessive memory usage, and inefficient memory management in their .NET codebase. ANTS Memory Profiler supports both standalone applications and web applications, offering comprehensive memory analysis capabilities to enhance the stability and efficiency of .NET projects.

ANTS Memory Profiler v11.3.0 adds official support for .NET 8 ensuring compatibility with Microsoft's latest release of the .NET Framework. This enables developers to profile and optimize applications built on .NET 8 benefiting from its new features and enhancements and maximizing the efficiency and performance of their applications.

ANTS Memory Profiler is licensed per user, on an annual subscription basis. For the duration of your subscription you will receive free product upgrades and technical support. To continue to use the software you will need to renew your Annual Subscription License. See our ANTS Memory Profiler licensing page for full details.

Learn more on our ANTS Memory Profiler product page.

Manage the State of DataGrids in Blazor Apps

April 5, 2024
Blazorise v1.5 adds the ability to save and load the DataGrid state as needed, enhancing the end user experience.

Blazorise is a versatile component library that empowers developers to build modern and feature-rich web applications using Blazor, a client-side web development framework from Microsoft. It offers a comprehensive collection of user interface components, including buttons, forms, tables, charts, and navigation elements, all built with accessibility and responsiveness in mind.

The Blazorise v1.5 update introduces DataGrid State Management. New LoadState and GetState methods enable you to load and save the state of the datagrid from/to LocalStorage. On the first render, the web page checks LocalStorage for saved states and loads them if they are available. This feature enables seamless preservation and restoration of user actions, such as sorting, filtering, and row selections, even when navigating away from or refreshing the page.

To see a full list of what’s new in version 1.5, see our release notes.

Blazorise is licensed per developer and is Runtime Royalty Free. Available in a variety of editions, Professional, Enterprise and Enterprise Plus, each providing different levels of support and services. See our Blazorise licensing page for full details.

For more information, visit our Blazorise product page.

Present Complex Data in a Clear and Organized Way

April 4, 2024
Infragistics Ignite UI for Blazor 23.2.189 adds a new hierarchical data grid which helps users find the information they need more quickly.

Infragistics Ignite UI for Blazor is a comprehensive UI component library designed specifically for .NET developers building modern web applications with Blazor. It offers a rich set of over 60 components, including performant data grids, interactive charts, and essential UI elements. This allows developers to craft visually appealing, feature-packed Blazor applications with a focus on data visualization, user interaction, and a variety of design themes.

Version 23.2.189 introduces the new hierarchical data grid. This intuitive component empowers you to present multi-level information in a clear, structured format. Bind your data with minimal coding, and leverage fine-grained control through various events. The grid boasts a rich feature set, including selection tools, advanced filtering and sorting options, all designed to enhance user experience by providing a more organized and interactive way to explore information.

To see a full list of what's new in version 23.2.189, see our release notes.

Infragistics Ignite UI for Blazor is part of Infragistics Ignite UI which is licensed per developer and is available as a Perpetual License with a 1, 2 or 3 year support and maintenance subscription. See our Infragistics Ignite UI licensing page for full details.

Infragistics Ignite UI for Blazor is available in the following products: