Reporting suite supports Office 2010

Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting Edition 2010 Vol 4 improves Office 2010 support and Word-to-PDF conversion.
November 03, 2010 - 17:08
Feature Release

Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting Edition is an advanced reporting solution that allows you to integrate document-based reporting (PDF, Excel, Word) into your Windows and Web applications.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting Edition includes:

Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting Edition is also available as part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise.

Updates in Syncfusion Essential PDF 2010 Vol 4

  • AES 128- and 256-bit support
    Essential PDF supports strong encryption using a 128- and 256-bit AES algorithm. Documents encrypted with Acrobat 7.0 and Acrobat 9.0 standards can now be decrypted and edited with Essential PDF.
  • Timestamp with digital signatures
    Essential PDF supports timestamps with digital signatures, noting the date and time when a document is digitally signed.

Updates in Syncfusion Essential DocIO 2010 Vol 4

  • Word 2010 support
    DocIO now supports Word 2010, enabling it to create or modify documents that are of the ISO/IEC-29500 transitional schema by incorporating the same APIs used for Word 97-2003 and Word 2007 documents. 

Updates in Syncfusion Essential XlsIO 2010 Vol 4

  • Pivot chart support
    The Essential XlsIO library provides a rich set of classes to create pivot tables and pivot charts—such as IPivotCache, which is responsible for retrieving the location of pivot-table data, and IPivotTable, which is the interface used to create pivot tables and set their respective objects. A pivot chart can be added by setting the PivotSource property of the IChart interface, which accepts the IPivotTable object.
  • Excel-to-PDF enhancements
    Essential XlsIO supports Excel-to-PDF conversion, allowing you to open or create Excel documents and save them in PDF format. Now the Excel-to-PDF converter supports table styles, background images, text rotation, and right-to-left languages.
  • Option button support
    Essential XlsIO can now read and write Option buttons in Excel 2007-2010 workbooks. The font and color of an Option button can be formatted, allowing you to increase the interactivity of application forms.
  • Compressing XLSX files
    Essential XlsIO now provides support for an advanced compression technique that enables you to compress XlsIO-generated Excel 2007-2010 files to an optimal size, helping reduce the size of data transferred between applications.

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