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Syncfusion Essential DocIO features a full-fledged object model (similar to the Microsoft Office Automation libraries) and an extensive range of functionality, including support for formatting and customizing content, mail merge, inserting tables, bookmarks, protecting a document, working with streams, inserting headers and footers, and much more. You can also convert Word docs to & from the HTML, RTF formats, and convert Word files to the Text, EPUB, and PDF formats. The library can create and consume files based on a wide set of Word .doc file format variants – it’s compatible with the native file format for Word Versions 97-2003, and the .docx format for Versions 2007 and 2010. Essential DocIO has been optimized for use on servers where speed and memory usage are critical. It can easily handle multiple requests for report generation in scenarios such as Web sites serving reports to hundreds of simultaneous users. Essential DocIO is also highly optimized to generate Word files with large amounts of data. It works more than 100x faster than Microsoft Word automation and consumes much less memory. This 100% C# library allows you to read and create richly formatted, standards-compliant Word reports in Windows Forms, ASP.NET, WPF, ASP.NET MVC, and Silverlight applications. Essential DocIO features simple, hassle-free licensing, with no per-server fees, distribution fees, or royalties. It’s available stand-alone or as part of Syncfusion’s Essential Studio Enterprise Edition and Essential Studio Reporting Edition packages. Complete, easy-to-work with source code is available with the Source version of the product. Visual Studio 2008 & 2010 are supported, and the product is compatible with the Visual Studio 2012 RC. Every Syncfusion license is backed by a 1-year subscription for access to frequent new releases (one per quarter) and unlimited technical support during the period of coverage, ensuring you can get the answer you need, when you need it.

Syncfusion Essential DocIO Document Settings
Essential DocIO provides support for creation and manipulation or various document settings both from new and existing documents.

Syncfusion Essential DocIO Find and Replace
Essential DocIO provides convenient APIs to search and replace specific document contents.

Syncfusion Essential DocIO Forms
While MS Word forms let you create templates with control placeholders to enter custom information, Essential DocIO lets you fill such forms programmatically...

Latest News

Essential DocIO improves document password support
Essential DocIO improves document password support
Version 2011 vol 4 adds write protection with password support for Word 2007 and Word 2010 documents.
Syncfusion Essential DocIO adds encryption
Syncfusion Essential DocIO adds encryption
Version 2011 Vol 3 now supports encryption and decryption in Word 2007 and Word 2010 documents.
Essential DocIO adds EPUB support
Essential DocIO adds EPUB support
Syncfusion Essential DocIO 2011 Vol 1 allows conversion of Word documents to EPUB format.
Essential DocIO adds Word 2010 support
Essential DocIO adds Word 2010 support
Syncfusion Essential DocIO 2010 Vol 4 can create and modify documents of the ISO/IEC-29500 transitional schema.
Reporting suite supports Office 2010
Reporting suite supports Office 2010
Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting Edition 2010 Vol 4 improves Office 2010 support and Word-to-PDF conversion.
Essential DocIO converts RTF to Word
Essential DocIO converts RTF to Word
Syncfusion Essential DocIO 2010 Vol 3 supports conversion of Rich Text Format files to Word documents and vice versa.

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eagulleyMO, USA5 star
We use Syncfusion's DocIO component to convert MS Word document to HTML. We looked into Syncfusion because it required no installation of MS Word - which is unique in the Word Conversion arena. Word... Read more

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