Syncfusion Essential Studio for WinUI (Preview)

The Syncfusion WinUI toolkit includes feature-rich WinUI controls like DataGrid, Charts, TreeView, and more, that embodies Fluent Design for building modern and seamless Windows apps. Syncfusion WinUI controls are highly customizable and with its fluent design, you can build native Windows apps with modern and seamless UI's. Syncfusion WinUI controls have been optimized for great performance even on modest hardware.

Syncfusion WinUI Controls include:

  • Data Visualization
    • Charts
    • Radial Gauge
    • Linear Gauge
    • Barcode
  • Grids
    • DataGrid
    • TreeGrid
  • Calendars
    • Scheduler
    • Calendar
    • Calendar DatePicker
    • Calendar DateRange Picker
    • DatePicker
    • TimePicker
  • Editors
    • Color Picker
    • DropDown Color Picker
    • Color Palette
    • DropDown Color Palette
    • Slider
    • Range Slider
  • Navigation
    • Ribbon
    • TreeView
  • Notification
    • Badge
Syncfusion Essential Studio for WinUI is currently a preview release and is available as part of Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise.

Syncfusion Essential Studio for WinUI (Preview) is also available in:

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