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eagulleyMO, USA5 star
We use Syncfusion's DocIO component to convert MS Word document to HTML. We looked into Syncfusion because it required no installation of MS Word - which is unique in the Word Conversion arena. Word... Read more

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eagulleyMO, USA5 star
We use Syncfusion's DocIO component to convert MS Word document to HTML. We looked into Syncfusion because it required no installation of MS Word - which is unique in the Word Conversion arena. Word automation in the server environment was a continuous headache. The code samples were very useful and easy to follow. We were up and running in no time! Also, the technical support is extremely responsive. When we did find a minor discrepancy in the way the component converted some of the MS Word formatting, Syncfusion tracked the bug fix and sent us a patch within a couple weeks. We look forward to working with more of their products.
jpcoutinhoPortugal5 star
I am using syncfusion products for a couple of years and i am completly satisfied not only with the product but also with the support that realy gives me the oportunity the send feedback and feel that someone is listening and ready to attend my needs. The DocIO is a great product and is going to be even better in the future... this is realy my feeling. Thanks and keep going From Portugal - JPCoutinho
Chris LindsayAustralia5 star
Anyone that has been involved in Word automation knows how difficult it can be at times, and when server side automation is required it can get even more complex. Syncfusion’s DocIO frees us from the dependency on Microsoft’s Office interops, which makes server side document generation possible and gives a significant performance improvement; in some cases we found DocIO to be 5 to 6 times faster than using interop when building documents. The DocIO object model is very easy to use and simplifies many operations that are used frequently with Word automation. It’s also very flexible, so where there are features that are not provided by DocIO, such as unlinking fields, it is usually possible to implement these yourself. The support for multiple document formats is also excellent and makes migration between Office versions much simpler. The support for DocIO is brilliant. Support requests are dealt with promptly and in a friendly and professional manner. Patches for resolved issues are provided in a timely fashion. Overall DocIO is an excellent product and I would recommend it to anyone looking to implement a Word automation solution.
Ben RobbinsAustralia5 star
We reviewed several products before settling on Syncfusion DocIO for our MS Word document creation and manipulation requirements for our team of 20 .NET developers. Our review found the performance and object model of Syncfusion to be equal best along with Aspose Words, and far better than the other options we considered. We ended up choosing DocIO as we already used the Syncfusion Essential Grid and had a good experience with that, and DocIO was also a lot better value. We use several other third-party add-ins and technologies and the really stand-out thing with Syncfusion is the support. Syncfusion first-level support is very fast and effective, and we have found that when patches are required they are usually delivered quickly, with regular status updates from Syncfusion on the progress. I've quite honestly never got this level of support from another vendor and we are now confident that when we discover bugs or require new features that we can work with Syncfusion and rely on timeframes that they provide so we can effectively plan our software releases.
KelvinAustralia5 star
The ability to manipulate Word documents using DocIO with the Document Object Model (DOM) paradigm is just unbelievable. Generating a Word document from an existing template with text substitutions, Mail Merge process and text formatting, among other things, can't get easier than this. Like all other products, bugs do get discovered in DocIO. But this is probably where Syncfusion shine the most - their support team has been extremely helpful when dealing with reported bugs. Each issue gets investigated and resolved in a very prompt and professional manner. The new feature that I would really like to see added in DocIO in future versions is the built-in ability to evaluate Fields (e.g. If Fields, Table of Contents, Formula Fields, etc). This feature would make an already excellent product even better.