Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting Edition

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This product is no longer sold individually, but is available within Syncfusion Essential Studio Enterprise Edition and one of Syncfusion’s 9 platform-dedicated suites.

Give your users the ability to generate the reports they need, in the formats they prefer.

Syncfusion Essential Studio Reporting Edition enables the creation of advanced business-centric reports that use the Excel, Word, PDF, and RDL standards – all with no dependence on Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat. Integrate document-based reporting into your Windows and Web applications, and leverage Syncfusion’s performance capabilities to create applications more than a hundred times faster than Office automation. Take advantage of the report designer, report writer, and report viewer’s support for the open standard RDL to ensure your users can access their data for decades to come.

Component Type
  • ASP.NET WebForms
  • .NET WinForms
  • .NET WPF
  • Silverlight

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Latest News

Essential Studio Reporting 2012 Volume 2 released
Essential Studio Reporting 2012 Volume 2 released
Render text elements in PDF documents using embedded fonts.
Essential Studio Reporting adds 2D Barcode
Essential Studio Reporting adds 2D Barcode
Data Matrix barcodes can be generated from numeric or alphanumeric text and can be drawn directly in PDF files.
Essential Studio Reporting adds MS Project support
Essential Studio Reporting adds MS Project support
Version 2011 Vol 4 now enables .NET applications to read and write Microsoft Project format documents.
Syncfusion adds encryption to Essential DocIO
Syncfusion adds encryption to Essential DocIO
Version 2011 Vol 3 also adds a PDF viewer and improves table style features.


I work as a developer for a company selling software for the education industry. I have developed software since 1985 using many different controls from different suppliers.The last 8 years i have been developing software using Microsoft Visual Studio, and i have tested many add-on products during this period.
Our company purchased Syncfusion Essential Studio less than 2 months ago because we needed a third-party component to work inside .Net using C# that will convert a wide variety of files into PDF, so that we can bundle into 1 final PDF. These file types could include, but not limited to, Word, Excel, HTML, Text files, Images, etc.
I was specifically looking for a program that would allow me to read in a PDF file with a form and then fill it and save it either as the same file or a new one. It also needed to be able save the form data so that it could be uploaded on its own. The ability to easily create forms from scratch was also necessary.
We have utilized Syncfusion's Essential Studio Reporting edition products for around four years now. The developer installation is quick and easy and it comes with hundreds of useful code samples to get started. With the Reporting Edition I've mainly used the Essential PDF portion, it is simple to create PDFs on-the-fly with their framework.
Taiwan ROC
我的需求是要在系統中能夠直接產生Excel, Word, PDF檔, 而不須要安裝這些軟體. 找尋並下載測試了數家元件廠商的產品, 最終決定採用Syncfusion開發的產品. 採用Syncfusion的元件開發系統很容易上手, 因其語法貼近Microsoft VBA, 所以能夠加速程式的開發, 這也是我們決定採用Syncfusion的主要因素. 採購後的技術支援經驗也讓我印象深刻與滿意, 回應迅速並針對元件的Bug依預訂時間如期交付HotFix, 讓我們的系統開發不致因此停頓或需另詢其他的Solution. 感謝Syncfusion提供如些優良的產品及其技術支援團隊的協助. Automatically Translation:

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