Blazorise v1.3.0

Improves DataGrid filtering and adds new Offcanvas, SignaturePad and Splitter components.
August 18, 2023
New Version


  • New Offcanvas component allows you to build hidden sidebars into your project and can appear from the top, bottom, left or right of your screen.
  • New SignaturePad component allows you to capture and store signatures in a secure and reliable manner.
  • New Splitter component provides a way to create resizable panels in your application.
  • Added localization support to MessageProvider.
  • New chart annotation extension lets you draw lines, boxes, points, labels, polygons and ellipses on the chart area.
  • New Microsoft .NET 8 support.
  • DataGrid:
    • Added new FilterMode option which allows your users to dynamically customize filtering.
    • Use pre-defined filtering on a per-column basis.
    • Clear the filter on specific columns.
    • Render a numeric filter input and apply a corresponding numeric configuration.
    • Added new HeaderGroupCaption feature which allows you to combine several DataGrid column headers under a single, comprehensive caption.
    • Added DataGridSelectColumn a column template for selectable values.
    • Added new method which allows apply sorting programmatically.
    • Programmatically expand or collapse specific groups.
    • Display an overlay element while hovering over the row.
    • Show 'required indicator' on field labels.
    • Added new Checkbox parameter so you may now render dropdown items with checkboxes.
    • Added new SelectionMode parameter that will set a DropdownList into multiple selection mode.
  • Added method that allows you to remove a node from a TreeView.
  • New APIs added to Autocomplete
    • Provide a custom template when the user types in a value that is not found in the data source.
    • Customize tags when using Autocomplete multiple selection mode.
    • Added EventCallbacks for Autocomplete events:
      • SearchKeyDown.
      • SearchFocus.
      • SearchBlur.
  • Play Videos from multiple sources with different qualities.
  • Improved Dropdown positioning:
    • Added new parameter which allows you to set the positioning strategy for your dropdown.
    • Added new parameter which allows you to set a custom anchor element ID for the dropdown menu. This is useful when you want the dropdown menu to be anchored from a different element than the toggle button.
  • Added support for IValidatableObject. By implementing this interface in your models, you can now provide custom validation logic that is more complex.
  • New Utilities:
    • Added the CSS Grid, which is a two-dimensional layout model, comprised of 12 columns and up to 6 rows, providing a robust structure for building complex layouts. It provides built-in responsiveness with mobile breakpoints.
    • Added the ListStyleImage parameter which allows you to define marker images for list items.
    • Added the TextSize enum which provides predefined sizes from extra small to extra large, as well as supporting various heading sizes from Heading 1 (largest) to Heading 6 (smallest).
DataGrid filtering example


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