Actipro SyntaxEditor for WPF Releases

Released: Apr 24, 2024

Updates in 24.1.2


  • Updated visible whitespace tab arrows to only render when there is enough space.
  • Updated outlining margin rendering logic for view lines with intra-line spacers.

Released: Feb 26, 2024

Updates in 24.1.1


  • Updated and added UIA peers for numerous controls to better support accessibility updates in .NET 8.
  • API documentation is now based on assemblies that target Microsoft .NET 6 (previously .NET Framework).
  • The Sample Browser application included with the installer will now multi-target .NET Framework 4.6.2 and .NET 6.
  • Removed official support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 although users should still be able to continue using the IDE for their own applications. Sample Browser requires...

Released: Dec 5, 2023

Updates in 23.1.4


  • Improved logic that retrieves language services.
  • Updated IME logic.


  • Fixed an issue where moving the caret to a new view line while IntelliPrompt parameter info was displayed wouldn't reposition the popup.

Released: Sep 11, 2023

Updates in 23.1.3


  • Updated the IntelliPrompt completion list description tip to announce in screen reader apps.
  • Updated OverlayPaneCollection.AddSearch to close any existing overlay panes before adding the SearchOverlayPane.


  • Fixed an issue where IME composition wouldn't work if SyntaxEditor was in a Popup.

Released: Jun 12, 2023

Updates in 23.1.1


  • Updated IntelliPrompt completion list to announce the current selection in screen reader apps.


  • Fixed an issue with view line offset to character index calculation logic.

Released: Apr 19, 2023

Updates in 23.1.0


  • Updated Microsoft .NET 5 targets to .NET 6 since .NET 5 is out of support. Users can continue to use Microsoft .NET Core 3.1 targets for .NET 5 applications.
  • Updated Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.2 and 4.6.1 targets to .NET Framework 4.6.2 since it is the most recent supported version of .NET Framework.
  • Updated SyntaxEditor-related NuGet packages to properly support cross-platform .NET 6.0.
  • Updated all assemblies to be code-signed.
  • Updated the caret blink timer's dispatcher priority to...

Released: Apr 4, 2023

Updates in 22.1.5


  • Validated Microsoft .NET 7 compatibility.
  • Updated SyntaxEditor-related NuGet packages to properly support cross-platform Microsoft .NET 5.0.
  • Added ITextSnapshot.GetWordText and GetWordTextRange method overloads that accept a TextOffsetAffinity argument.
  • Added the CodeSnippetSelectionSession.RequestNavigate event, which can be used to handle description tip link clicks.
  • Improved the logic of the move selected lines up and down commands.
  • Updated pointer interaction in an editor view to...

Released: Nov 11, 2022

Updates in 22.1.4


  • Added the SearchOverlayPane.ApplyStringResources method that can update the pane's UI strings after a string resource change.
  • Improved TextSnapshot.TextRangeToPositionRange performance for zero-length text ranges.
  • Updated the visible whitespace rendering logic to include non-breaking space characters.


  • Fixed an issue where regex character classes ending in a hyphen were sometimes parsed as an incomplete range.
  • Fixed an issue where a selection-based search scope range may show up...

Released: Sep 8, 2022

Updates in 22.1.3


  • Added the EditorCommands.AddNextOccurrenceToSelection edit action (bound to Ctrl+D by default), and the related IEditorViewSelection.AddNextOccurrence method. This new feature adds the next occurrence of the currently-selected text to the selection, or selects the current word if there is no selection.
  • Refactored the IntelliPrompt completion session's Shorthand item matcher algorithm, resulting in a significant performance improvement, especially when used with the...

Released: May 27, 2022

Updates in 22.1.2


  • Refactored built-in indicator glyphs' appearances, dark theme coloring and z-order.
  • Improved SyntaxEditor fonts resource support to allow relative paths that begin with a slash.
  • Updated IntelliPrompt completion item sorting logic.
  • Updated the sample CSS syntax language lexer.
  • Updated SyntaxEditor to bind its search overlay pane functionality to the ApplicationCommands.Find and Replace commands.
  • Improved the product installer.
  • Changed the product installer to install shortcuts and...