About Actipro Views for Silverlight

Silverlight controls and advanced panels that support fluid animated item layout.

Actipro Views for Silverlight offers custom controls and a range of panels that support fluid animations. Several built-in animations are included, which can be easily customized, or you can build your own using native animations. Drop-in replacements are available for several native panels, including Canvas, DockPanel, StackPanel and WrapPanel. Other controls are also included such as a TaskBoard for visually organizing tasks, Book for presenting a page turning interface and InertiaScrollViewer for a smoothly animated variation of the ScrollViewer control.

Features at a Glance


  • The Book control presents items like pages with realistic animated page curl and turn effects.
  • A ScrollViewer that supports touch gestures and inertia-based scrolling.
  • TaskBoard provides a board of reorderable columns and cards.


  • The FanPanel control supports z-index positioning with several eye-catching options.
  • The ZapPanel control stacks elements horizontally or vertically around a focal item.
  • The SwitchPanel can dynamically change layout logic during runtime.
  • The AnimatedCanvas control positions elements using explicit coordinates.
  • The AnimatedStackPanel control stacks elements horizontally or vertically.
  • The AnimatedDockPanel control docks elements using relative positioning.
  • The AnimatedWrapPanel control organizes elements into rows or columns.

Panel Animations

  • Animate the arrange rectangle of an element, including position and size.
  • Fade elements in or out.
  • Apply a rotation to elements.
  • Scale elements up or down.
  • Translate elements across the view.
  • Build custom animations using native Silverlight animations and storyboards.

Common Features

  • Several panels can be used as drop-in replacements for native panels.
  • Can easily be leveraged by ListBox and other ItemsControls.
  • Right-to-left layout capabilities.
  • VS and Blend designer support.
  • XBAP support.