Actipro Wizard for WPF

Actipro Wizard for WPF dialogs take complex UI tasks and break them up into a series of simple steps. It is a lightweight control for building wizard dialogs, while conforming to standard specifications. Its straightforward API makes it easy to quickly configure wizard pages. Simply create a page, set its page type, caption, description, and start adding controls to it.

Actipro Wizard for WPF Features

  • Exterior Pages - Exterior pages have a watermark area on their left side. Welcome pages are used to convey the purpose of the wizard and completion/finish pages can be used to summarize the operation that was or is going to be performed.
  • Interior Pages - Interior pages have a header that extends across the top of the page, and typically appear as the inner pages used to collect information from the end-user. This information can include everything from contact...

Latest News

Actipro WPF Studio 22.1.5
Actipro WPF Studio 22.1.5
April 6, 2023New Version
Adds .NET 7 compatibility and improves Docking, Grids and Ribbon controls.
Actipro Wizard for WPF 22.1.1
Actipro Wizard for WPF 22.1.1
March 16, 2022New Version
Improves Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 designer support.
Actipro Wizard for WPF 22.1.0
Actipro Wizard for WPF 22.1.0
December 17, 2021New Version
Adds Microsoft .NET 6 compatibility.
Actipro Wizard for WPF 2020.1
Actipro Wizard for WPF 2020.1
October 6, 2020New Version
Adds .NET Core assemblies and NuGet packages.
Actipro Wizard for WPF 2019.1 build 0682
Actipro Wizard for WPF 2019.1 build 0682
August 22, 2019New Version
Adds ability to adjust the margin around header images.
Actipro Wizard for WPF 2018.1 build 0675
Actipro Wizard for WPF 2018.1 build 0675
March 14, 2019New Version
New release speeds up default page transition animation duration.

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