About Actipro Wizard for WinForms

Everything you need to quickly create wizard dialogs in your applications.

Actipro Wizard for WinForms dialogs simplify the user experience of applications by taking complex tasks and breaking them up into a series of simple steps. Actipro Wizard is a lightweight control for building these wizard dialogs in Windows Forms, while conforming to the Wizard97 specifications.

Actipro Software's Wizard control provides a framework for developing wizards that follow the Wizard97 specifications.

It's design-time features allow you to visually design your wizard. At design-time you can manage all the pages in the wizard, navigate through the pages, and lay out each page's child controls. The user interface of the wizard can be completely customized and is reflected in the designer.

At run-time, the wizard automatically manages stepping through the wizard pages and controls the button enabled states. You can override this default behavior to programmatically control the flow of the wizard steps or control the button enabled states.

Major features of Actipro Wizard include:

  • Adheres to the Wizard97 specification
  • Create interior pages, with header pre-generated
  • Create exterior pages that fill the wizard client area
  • Create welcome pages using pre-defined templates
  • Easily design wizard pages at design-time
  • Navigate through pages at design-time by clicking on the Next and Back buttons or by using verbs
  • Use the Go To Page dialog to navigate directly to a page in design-time
  • Add or remove pages using designer verbs
  • Use the New Page Wizard to easily create new pages
    • Templates for configuration of blank interior, exterior, and welcome pages
    • Templates for customer information pages
    • Templates for radio button selection pages
  • Manage and re-order the pages collection by using the Pages collection of the Wizard control
  • Automatically handles wizard page step flow and manages button enabled states
  • Two types of page sequencing
  • Programmatically override the flow of the wizard page steps and button enable states
  • Perform validation before pages are changed and cancel page switching if data entry on a page is not complete
  • Disable or hide buttons while performing processing tasks
  • Inherit from the WizardDialogForm which provides a Form with a built-in Wizard control
  • Resizes with parent Form
  • Set the accept and cancel buttons on the container Form to wizard buttons
  • Localization support including the ability to set different fonts, text, button widths, etc. for each language
  • Handle events at the general Wizard level or at the WizardPage-specific level
  • Extremely customizable user interface properties
  • Show the Finish button in the same space as the Next button or separately
  • Optionally align the Help button to the left side of the wizard
  • Supports Windows XP visual styles if you include a manifest in your application
  • Control the flat styles of buttons and handle hot-tracking events to set their BackColor
  • Uses a renderer class to draw all elements of the Wizard; the renderer can be overridden for complete custom draw
  • Global renderer appearance property defaults that can be overridden for each page
  • Interior page guide lines to assist in positioning child controls
  • Uses the Actipro WinUICore presentation layer framework