Advanced Installer Enterprise 20.2

Released: Dec 14, 2022

Updates in 20.2


  • Added new predefined theme for Web Installers: Serene Theme.
  • Added an Asset Generator for tiles.
  • Added new GUI option to enable digital signing for custom action binaries.
  • Added Microsoft Visual Studio extension support for digital signatures.
  • Added a new Firewall Rule to block the connection of a specific application.
  • Added the ability to display the architecture for each package when browsing to installed MSIX packages in the "Dependencies" view.
  • Added support for generating assets from the command line.
  • Added a new option to validate JSON file content when using the "Synchronize property's value with the value from a JSON file" option.
  • Added a delay option when starting scheduled tasks configured to run on logon.
  • You can now save formatted text in the "Notes" pane.
  • You can now retrieve temporary folders based on privileges when "GetTempPath2" is available.
  • Updated the Dutch language's translation.
  • Updated Apache Tomcat Prerequisites to the latest version (8, 9 & 10.0).
  • Updated Microsoft ODBC Driver for SQL Server to version 18.


  • User's specific project cannot be opened from a per-machine location on disk.
  • MSIX build fails if the certificate password is provided at build time.
  • Chained package is added twice in the package when using the EXE setup.
  • Appx packages are listed as invalid in the "Dependencies" view.
  • Disable MD5 and exact size check for Microsoft Web View 2 prerequisite.
  • Stacktrace occurs when saving a project where a build which includes the MultiBuildColor textStyle is deleted.
  • "New Driver Attribute" dialog issues in ODBC view.
  • The "Include prerequisite only in the selected builds" option does not work.
  • Enterprise/Architect specific views aren't shown in the left menu after upgrading from Professional.
  • Registry cannot be deleted due to a "hidden" reference.