About Afterlogic Aurora Corporate

Groupware system for businesses and providers, backed with mobile apps.

Aurora Corporate is a private cloud combining groupware, file storage and email in a single, unified environment. It features; Webmail - Clean and modern interface. Can work with your existing mail server or use its own for the complete solution. Corporate address books - Personal, global and shared address books, with CardDAV sync. Private and corporate file storage - Your own cloud storage, with DAV sync. Personal and shared calendars - Calendars with meeting invitations, tasks, and CalDAV sync. Mobile-ready - Mobile layout for web access, iOS profiles for auto-provisioning contacts and calendars sync via CardDAV and CalDAV. Encryption and security - AES-256 encryption of files right in the browser, OpenPGP for emails, SSL/TLS. ActiveSync option - Available as a server add-on, enables mail, contacts, and calendars sync with mobile devices and Outlook 2013/2016. Outlook connector - Available for Outlook 2010/2013/2016, 32/64 bit. Syncs contacts and calendars between Outlook and Aurora via DAV protocol.

Popular technology stack
Aurora is written in PHP, supports MySQL/MariaDB, Apache/NGINX/IIS, Linux/Windows. Mail server edition comes with Exim, Dovecot, NGINX.

Beyond support
Integration and custom development services by the core team behind the product.

API & Plugins
A set of developer tools lets you extend the application in many ways, including user interface adjustments, Single-Sign-On, and more.

More than 30 languages, right-to-left interface support (for Hebrew and Arabic), date and time formats.

Modern minimalistic UX
Yet minimalistic, Aurora Corporate delivers a rich set of features and comes with a number of themes.

More features:

  • Multiple mail accounts per user.
  • Mail threads (with IMAP THREAD support).
  • Mail filters (with Sieve support).
  • Identities with signatures.
  • Notes (compatible with Apple clients).
  • Microsoft file formats viewer.
  • Drag-n-drop of attachments into webmail.
  • Can open winmail.dat / MS-TNEF and .zip attachments.
  • Attachment preview thumbnails.
  • Calendars can be exported as iCal file, published on the web, or synced with CalDAV clients.
  • Web admin panel.
  • Login with social networks (Google, Facebook).
  • Google Drive and Dropbox support.
  • Import and export of contacts via CSV or VCF files.
  • Save e-mail as PDF.
  • Nextcloud integration.