Afterlogic Aurora Corporate Releases

August 01, 2019

Updates in v8.3.7


  • Methods that handle contacts and groups rewritten and improved.
  • OnlyUserEmailsInIdentities setting that allows only user emails in identities.
  • Added AlwaysTryUseImageWhilePasting setting.
  • Improved Web API of Core module for admin panel entities management.
July 04, 2019

Updates in v8.3.3


  • Ability to store AuthToken in database.
  • Adding custom JS and HTML supported.


  • Update configuration bugfix.
  • Creating new note fixed.
  • Accessing folder via public link fixed.
  • DAV access issue corrected.
April 17, 2019

Updates in 8.2.19

  • Issue with focus on mail search bar corrected.
  • Minor bugfixes.
August 06, 2018

Updates in v8.2.1


Aurora Corporate offers premium webmail, shared calendars, global and shared contacts, and corporate files storage as an integrated package ready for deployment on your server. Full PHP source code is provided. Key features:

  • Webmail, compatible with virtually any existing IMAP server. Multiple accounts per user supported.
  • Personal, shared and global (company-wide) contacts. Supports CardDAV clients, including iOS and macOS.
  • Personal and shared calendars, tasks (new in v8). Supports...
June 14, 2016

Updates in v8.3


  • Custom mail sorting option.
  • cPanel filters, autoresponder, forwarding, aliases.
  • cPanel integration - creating and deleting accounts with admin panel.
  • Sand theme inspired by default one of v7.
  • Master password plugin.
  • New Outlook Sync plugin for Aurora Corporate.
  • Contacts autocompletion includes groups.