AH CSS Formatter Standard V6.5 R1

September 21, 2017

Updates in V6.5 R1


  • Enhancements:
    • PDF/A-2 and PDF/A-3 are now available to output.
    • Multimedia can now be embedded as rich media
    • The CSS (-ah-)layer-settings parameter that defines the layer has been extended.
    • The stroke of a character can now be specified.
    • The feature of GSUB/GPOS in the OpenType font can now be controlled.
    • Line numbers that are always outputted can now be specified.
    • Specify the display method at the end of the contents when overflowing in the inline progression direction.
    • The odd-or-even property has been extended.
    • The processing of converting transparency output to PDF into opaque has been extended.
    • Support for fonts in OpenType Collection format.
    • Exception dictionaries are now available in Khmer, Lao and Burmese (Myanmar).
    • Symbols can now be specified to <list-style-type> in CSS counter().
    • You can now specify your own counter style for <list-style-type> in CSS counter().
    • In CSS, it's now available to select the height of the block in the previous page (column) when breaking a block with auto height.
    • The CSS specified in the document in which inline SVG is described is now applicable to inline SVG.
    • CSF @namespace can now be described in <style>in SVG
    • Word(docx) output is now available.


  • Multi-page tables overflowed.
  • The processing of the clear property with the float was incorrect.
  • Lines were generated with an empty span element.
  • The @page class was being used incorrectly.
  • Crash if css running header used absolute positioning
  • The line break position of Myanmar characters was incorrect.
  • A data with security settings created a corrupt pdf.
  • Fallback errors for glyphs that were in the applied font.
  • Crash with data that used an incorrect font.
  • Crash with a cgm file.
  • The script settings to font-entry in MathML were not effective.
  • Another company's product opened Formatter GUI with Japanese interface in the English environment.