AH XSL Formatter Standard Releases

Released: Jan 19, 2023

Updates in V7.3x

V7.3 MR1

Updated Mar 9, 2023


  • Added the ability to specify data:scheme in axf:annotation-file-attachment / CSS -ah-annotation-file-attachment.


  • FO Corrections:
    • Incorrect image height with block-progression-dimension.maximum="100%".
    • Incorrect line break position of fo:block-container in multiple columns.
    • Nested block-container with columns overflowed.
    • axf:initial-letters generated extra indentations in following blocks.
    • line-height="0pt" in the span="all" block prevented the page...

Released: Sep 16, 2021

Updates in V7.2x

V7.2 MR9

Updated Dec 1, 2022


  • FO Corrections:
    • The float using axf:float-move="next" was rendered on a blank page.
    • The block-progression-dimension.maximum property specified in fo:table-cell did not work.
    • Arabic text-align-last="justify" created a longer line.
    • Crash due to improper handling of footnotes.
    • Extra spacing after the footnote number.
    • Crash with the float change-bar extension in a footnote.
    • Incorrect max-height calculation.
    • Breaking blocks across pages failed due to incorrect BPIL...

Released: Jan 28, 2021

Updates in V7.1x

V7.1 MR4

Updated Aug 5, 2021


  • Added the ability to specify whether to set alternate text for tags descended from tags that have alternate text settings.


  • FO - The following issues have been corrected:
    • Float was prematurely moved to the next page.
    • Float in a rotated container overflowed.
    • axf:table-row-orphans was not working for tables that across pages.
    • BPIL hyphenation of Bulgarian word with Latin characters in a superscript omitted hyphen marks.
  • Common:
    • 'transparent' didn't work...

Released: Feb 20, 2020

Updates in V7.0x

V7.0 MR6

Updated Dec 10, 2020


  • FO - The following issues have been corrected:
    • axf:float-margin-y did not work - RT#25235.
    • Inline image became smaller when the height of the area was specified by % on the next page - RT#25239.
    • Overflow of list inside of a table - RT#25442.
    • Footnote marker was not reset - RT#25606.
    • Ruby base character stuck out at the beginning of the line.
  • Common:
    • Line overflow with BPIL, Latin ligature, and hyphenation - RT#25286.
    • Text that used axf:page-number-prefix could...

Released: Feb 6, 2020

Updates in V6.6 MR11


  • FO – The following issues have been corrected:
    • A table footer repeated the border of the previous row-spanned cell.
    • Even though relative-align “baseline” was specified in fo:list-item, the baseline of fo:list-item-label and fo:list-item-body could not be aligned.
    • Crash with a document that had fo:float with axf:float-move="keep" specified.
  • Other:
    • Corrupt PDF with linearize option and EPS image.
    • "error exists on this page" reported by Acrobat when opening Formatter PDF output.
    • Acrobat...

Released: Dec 19, 2019

Updates in V6.6 MR10


  • Enhancements:
    • When the rounded corner is specified, the rounded corner is applied even when the border-style is dotted, dashed, dotted-dash or dot-dot-dash.
  • FO – The following issues have been corrected:
    • span="all" block caused text to overflow under the float in the second column.
    • fo:initial-property-set caused a letter to be dropped from the second line.
    • The footnote numbers were not incrementing.
    • An overflow occurred when the area with overflow=”condense” included the ruby area.
  • Other...

Released: Nov 7, 2019

Updates in V6.6 MR9


  • FO – The following issues have been corrected:
    • Floats with axf:float-y=”after”, axf:float-reference=”page” specified were sent to the next page.
    • The table overflowed to the right instead of continuing below. #21771
    • The baseline changed when there was a float. #21780
  • Other:
    The following constant names in enum XfoPDFVERSION of C/C++ interface were incorrect. The correct value is “2011” instead of “2001”. V6.6 MR9 or later cannot be used with the old constant name. Use the correct value if...

Released: Sep 26, 2019

Updates in V6.6 MR8


FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • axf:float-y=”after”, axf:float-reference=”page” might cause the floats to overlap without moving to the next page.
  • A float pushed down when neighbor margin exactly filled the space in between. #21281
  • break-after=”page” was only breaking the column. #21277
  • A line break position of Khmer list block in a column was incorrect.
  • A table marker text in a table footer overlapped the page footer on the first page of the table. #21334
  • A table with two...

Released: Aug 1, 2019

Updates in V6.6 MR7


FO – The following issues have been corrected:

  • Removing revision bar made other revision bars disappear. #17188
  • Background PDF image with background-position-vertical led to corrupt PDF output. #21081
  • column even though axf:footnote-position=”column” was specified. #20273


  • When outputting PDF/X-1a, even if the same output condition identifier as PDF to be embedded was specified, the warning of “Color profile is empty” occurred and PDF output failed.
  • Memory leak with embedding remote...

Released: Jun 20, 2019

Updates in V6.6 MR6

Updates in V6.6 MR6

FO - The following issues have been corrected:

  • Unexpected column break before block with keep-together.within-column="always". #20659
  • axf:suppress-duplicate-footnote="true" was being applied to the next column even though axf:footnote-position=”column” was specified. #20273
  • axf:abbreviation-character-count did not work.
  • When axf:text-justify="inter-character" was specified, a half-width white space was too big.
  • axf:line-number caused Formatter to crash. #20536
  • axf:revsion-bar...