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AlfaAlfa SQL Server Comparison Tool (SCT) is a powerful application for finding differences between databases. Easily analyze, compare, and document the structure of tables, procedures, functions, views, triggers, and relationships. Quickly compare data stored in tables and generate detailed reports displaying results of comparisons or analysis. You can even automate comparisons by running SCT from the command line.

The tables comparison details is great! And the addition of details for stored procedures comparisons is a big plus.

Casey Florig, Certegy

Did you ever forget to copy changes from the test database to production?
With AlfaAlfa SQL Server Comparison Tool (SCT for short) you can be confident that will not happen. The program allows for recording comparison sessions so that it's possible to replay them later without the need to specify all previously selected options.

Saved comparisons can be re-run from the script, scheduler, or any other utility that can launch SCT with the command line, allowing detection of the differences to be...

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AlfaAlfa SQL Server Comparison Tool released
AlfaAlfa SQL Server Comparison Tool released
Compare the data and structure of SQL Server and Azure SQL databases.

Prices from: $ 97.02

One software license is required per user. SQL Server Comparison Tool is licensed on a per-user basis, each user who runs the program must have a license. The Site License covers all users in a...

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