About All-About-PDF

The complete solution for all your PDF needs.

All-About-PDF gives you full control of your intellectual property by allowing you to specify when, how and where your shared PDF documents are used. You can create time-limited, access-limited PDFs using strong DRM (Digital Rights Management) Protection. All About PDF offers users added protection and security for their shared PDF documents. Users can add passwords, set expiry dates, remove print ability, limit the number of devices where a document can be opened, lock a PDF to a certain location using DRM (Digital Rights Management technology) encryption. With All About PDF you can easily share PDF documents with confidence, knowing that you are in total control of the way your information is used by the recipients.

All-About-PDF is a reliable, beautifully designed, intuitive and portable PDF utility that you can use to merge, split, protect, compress, convert your PDF files and more. The ability to Redact text or find and replace a word/term in a PDF document allows users to quickly and efficiently update details in PDF documents for different uses and scenarios.

All-About-PDF is available in 3 Editions:

Feature All-About-PDF
DRM Only
PDF Manipulation (Find/Replace, redact, merge, watermark, etc.).      
PDF Conversion to MS Word, MS Excel, Image and HTML.      
Add/Remove Password protection & Permissions      
Set PDF to expire.      
Batch process multiple PDF files at once.      
Prevent PDF from being shared.      
Control how many times a PDF can be printed (or disable printing).      
Command line interface for automated PDF processing.      
Lock PDF to select countries.      
Lock PDF to IP address(es).      
Remotely revoke access to PDF.