About Altova MapForce Basic Edition

Graphical data mapping, conversion, and integration tool.

Altova MapForce Basic Edition is a graphical XML data mapping tool for converting XML data in one format to any another XML format. Using the Altova MapForce Basic Edition visual interface, you simply draw data mappings between XML Schemas and add data processing rules, and MapForce converts the data instantly.

Altova Mapforce Features

Supported Data Formats

  • Support for XML
  • Support for all HL7 XML formats (version 3.x)

Data Processing

  • Multi-source, multi-target mapping
  • Processing data from/into multiple files
  • Chained transformations
  • Built-in extensible function libraries
  • Visual function builder for creating user-defined functions
  • Transformation input parameters
  • Sort data by various criteria

XSLT / XQuery Generation

  • Generation of XSLT 1.0 or Schema-aware XSLT 2.0 transformation code
  • XSLT transformation engine for immediate XML-to-XML conversion

Automation Support


  • Command-line interface

Global Resources


  • Configure / switch to multiple deployment environments
  • Deep integration with MissionKit tools