Altova MapForce Basic Edition Licensing

Installed User: You may install and use one copy of the Software on any compatible PC up to the Permitted Number of computers. The Permitted Number of computers is determined when the license(s) are purchased. For example, if you purchase a "5" User Installed License, you may install and run the Software on "5" machines and all "5" users can use the software at any given point in time.

Named User: You may install the Software on up to 5 compatible personal computers or workstations of which you are the primary user, thereby allowing you to switch from one computer to the other as necessary provided that only one instance of the Software will be used by you as the Named User at any given time. If you purchase multiple Named User licenses, each individual Named User will receive a separate license key code.

Concurrent User: You may install the Software on to "10" times the number of computers as specifed by the Permitted Number of users in the license, provided that only the Permitted Number of users actually use the Software at the same time. The Permitted Number of concurrent users shall be delineated at such time as you elect to purchase the Software. For example, if you purchase a "5" User Concurrent License, you may install the Software on up to "50" machines (Permitted Number of Users "5" multiplied by "10" = "50"). Although the Software maybe installed on up to "50" machines , only "5" users may use the Software at any given point in time (for this particular example).

Support and Maintenance Package (SMP)

Altova provide free technical support for all customers for 30 days after the date of purchase. If you wish to receive software updates throughout the year and priority technical support, you need to purchase a Support and Maintenance Package (SMP) for your software.

Support & Maintenance Includes:

Technical Support - Basic tech support is provided via a Web-based support form. Examples of basic technical support services include: installation help, registration support, licensing issues, key code support, feature requests, bug reports. Other, more complex support issues are covered by Altova Product Consulting.

Free Minor and Major Releases - You will receive all minor and major software releases that are released during your support period. Updates that you receive cover the specific edition of the product that you have purchased and typically include many additional features. Purchasing SMP ensures you will always be eligible to update to the most recent product version.

Maintenance - During the support period you may also report any software problem or error. If Altova determines that a reported reproducible material error in the software exists and significantly impairs the usability and utility of the software, Altova agrees to make reasonable efforts to provide a usable work-around solution or to correct the issue in an upcoming service pack or software release (at Altova’s sole discretion).

License Agreements